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Choosing a date
Debaroonie posted:
I am being induced in June & we have alot of June b-days in our family. My DH is the 22nd. He chose that date for me to be induced. Do you think it is wrong & we should let the baby have its own b-day?
bcfrost816 responded:
Why are you being induced?
OhBabyTaylor responded:
Like the there a medical reason you're being induced?
jle09 responded:
I personally wouldn't worry about the DATE date (number) but more about the day of the week. Your doctor has probably said "If you haven't gone into labor I'll induce you at 36 weeks (or whatever week he chooses for twins) I'd then figure out which day of the week best suits you. Personally, I'd hate to be in the hospital during the weekend.
MtnPrincess responded:
Personally I wouldn't induce without a medical reason. There are too many things that can go wrong. Why are you being induced?

If you have to be, sharing birthdays can definitely be fun if that's what your DH wants. Just let him know the kid will eclipse all his birthdays from now on! :) I personally think June 25th is cool (my b-day, lol) because it's exactly 6 months from Christmas. Just a sidenote. :)
Debaroonie replied to MtnPrincess's response:
I am being induced for a couple of reasons. This is baby number 5 & my last one I was at the hospital for an hour before I had him. Wasnt even gonna go then. I also am known for having large babies. I did consider the 25th as it was my brothers b-day(he passed away) but I dont want to go in on a weekend.
Bandia1206 replied to Debaroonie's response:
Just pick a day that you like..

I personally want my LO to have it's own b-day, so that they have their very own special day. But of course, there is no guarantee that you will deliver the same day that you are induced.. given inductions, especially early ones can take a while.

My bday is July 19th, and I'm due July 21st. I'm hoping LO wont come on my bday.

If you want the baby to have it's own special day, then choose a day where there are no bdays close by.

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