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Big u/s today and...
KLN777 posted:
It's a girl. Almost everyone in my family thought for sure it would be a boy. Now I have to figure this girl thing out b/c I am so not girly. Any tips from moms with girls? I'm really trying to get excited, this is just going to take some getting used to. I am excited about having a 4 generations pic w/ my grandma, my mom, me, and our baby girl.
KBratt responded:
I had mine today too... & am also having a girl. It is kinda shocking to me because I have had dreams of me holding & playing with a boy, we had a boy name picked & I really wanted a boy. So it is taking me a lil bit to adjust as well!


22; DH 21; EDD#1 8/29 It's a Girl!
dwaw02 responded:
Congratulations to you on your girl!

Here's my advice on adjusting to a girl...don't worry about it. You will know what to do b/c she will just be your kid. I say this with experience b/c I felt exactly the same way with my first when I found out he was a boy. I was worried b/c I had never been @ boys but figured out later that I didn't need to worry.

Now I kind of feel like you do about having a girl, but based on my previous experience I know I'll figure it out!

Angela, DS (5), EDD 7/25/10 Pink Team
mkdawn06 responded:
Girls are so much fun! Congrats! Im really not that girly either but when i had my girls it was really fun to dress them up and do their hair. Nothing i thought i would do when found out i was having a girl. I also grew up in a house full of girls so it seemed natural to me. Now that i am having a boy this time im a little scared like u. I know nothing about boys. My brother is like 12 years younger than me. Lol. But like dwaw02 said. Because it is ur child u will know how to handle and take care of ur girl. U will love that child whether its boy or girl . I will warn u though that girls do tend to have more attitude. Its kinda funny to watch my 3 yr old prance around like she owns the place sometimes . lol

Danielle 25, Dh 26, Makayla 3, Jordin passed 09/03/2009, new baby boy Adyn Edd July 6th
mommyof3kiddos replied to dwaw02's response:
Congrats on your baby girl!!!!

I agree with Angela - don't worry about it. You will know what to do. My first was a boy and I had never been around boys. I was a little nervous but it turned out great.
tamliz08 responded:
Congratulations!! And don't worry about it... you don't have to be girly to have a girl!
Jennax907 responded:
I'm glad someone posted this becuase I too am having a girl. I'm not girly. I've been super athletic all of my life. I much rather go dirt bike riding rather than shopping....and I think I bought my first purse when I was 25. I'm scared to death to have a little girl. I hate all of the drama and catty-ness that comes along with being a girl. I'm 30 and still have friends that act like they are in high school!
imreddy responded:
I felt similar when I found out we were having two girls. I was mostly worried because when they hit puberty, I am sure their hormones plus mine will make life miserable for everyone else. But the more I thought about it, the more excited I became, because even though girls cost more, it is so much fun to dress them up! Not as much when it comes prom time, but before then, you can put them in ridiculous outfits and they will still be cute.

When I first saw those little butt ruffle diaper covers, I thought they were such a dumb idea...but then I realized that though they might look kinda goofy, it tickled me so much that now I plan on getting lots and keeping the girls in them all the time! Also, though you may not be particularly girly, I am sure there are things you will want to pass on to your daughter, whether it's a love for cooking, crocheting, or working on cars. You will find ways to bond with her, and just think how adorable she and your DH or SO will be with him wrapped around her little finger.

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