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Level 2 u/s?
KLN777 posted:
I have to go on Wed morning for a level 2 u/s b/c they found an anomaly on the 20 wk anatomy scan. Does that mean it will be a 3D u/s or something else? Just one that's higher tech and shows things more clearly? I wasn't thinking so much about this as I was about what could be wrong when my dr told us we'd have to go for one, but now I'm wondering what to expect. I'm a little nervous that my appt is at 9am and they told me to plan on being there until possibly noon. Yikes.
Bandia1206 responded:
Hey there. I want to say good luck at your level 2. No a level 2 isn't in 3d, it's pretty much 2d lol. It's just a higher tech u/s than a level 1 is. It shows much more, and is just really detailed. You can see organs in detail.

If you google level 2 ultrasound, you can find some neat info on it :) HTH and GL
LauraS1229 responded:
Good luck tomorrow! I had a Level 2 u/s 4 weeks ago and they're pretty amazing. The techology is imore high tech than a regular doctor office's u/s machine. They measured a lot more in the level 2 u/s than they did with our DD previously. They looked at the brain, the spine, the heart, the stomach, placenta, umbilical cord, they measured bones, looked at the baby's sex, etc.... it took us about 1 1/2 hours. So it takes a little longer too. It's all in 2D (they did switch to 3D for a few minutes just for fun to look at her face), but it's a great opportunity to just lay there and see/look at your LO... Hope all goes well and you get good news! Please let us know!
RoxyRaven responded:
I had my Level 2 at 20 wks and they told me it was b/c they found an abnormal amount of fluid on the back of my baby's neck at my 12 week ultrasound. They spent almost an hour measuring bones, organs, and the heartbeat plus we got about 12 more pictures out of it. On top of that we got to find out the sex right away. I went back a couple weeks ago for a follow up on the heart since it was much smaller the first time around and they said everything looks great and he's measuring just right. Don't worry about it, I was at first just b/c no one would give me any real information about what was going to happen and why I was going to be there so long; Like pp said its another chance to see ur LO =)

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