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Need help: 2Tri period?
MommaBeNew posted:
I just started my 2nd Tri and suddenly I'm having a period? It's gone on 3 days and I'm worried I need to see a doctor about it, but I can't afford a visit right now (it's a last resort).Day 1: Heaving bleeding in the morning when I woke up and had been walking around for an hour. (Thought I pee'd, then saw I was leeking large amounts of blood) stopped bleeding after about 3 hours. Later in day, had sex- bled slightly.Day 2: Bled during the afternoon for about 1.5 hours like day 1. No bleeding during sex that night. Day 3: No day bleeding, sex cause medium amounts of bleeding. Help?
Bandia1206 responded:
Ok, you can't have an actual period while pregnant, and any bleeding while pregnant is a reason to seek a doctor. Considering you are having heavy bleeding you REALLY need to call a doctor or go to the ER. Honestly, you should have the first day of bleeding.

There is definately a reason for concern, especially if you are having any cramping along with it. But seriously, I know you said you can't afford a visit, but you need to be seen!! Good luck to you hun!
risdiane responded:
I would see a doctor. I know sex can cause spotting, but bleeding seems its worth the trip.
MommaBeNew responded:
Plus I have had a cold for about a week and a half now, think that could be doing anything?
Bandia1206 replied to MommaBeNew's response:
No, a cold shouldn't cause any bleeding hun.
An_216911 responded:
Personally after the first day of bleeding I would not have recommended sex...but especially after 3 days, if it is a significant amount of blood you need to be seen asap!
PGinSJ replied to An_216911's response:
Agreed you need to go to the ER or be seen on an outpatient basis asap and a cold would not having anything to do with this. And for goodness sake stop having sex for a couple weeks until the bleeding is resolved or as advised by your doc.
SunConure responded:
I agree you need to be seen ASAP, bleeding during the 2nd tri is not ok!! I had some slight bleeding at 8 weeks and my doc said no sex until the 2nd tri, so I wouldn't do it again until you see a doc!!!
KLS0228 responded:
I agree with ALL THE prior posts. YOu cannot have a period while pregnant and You need to SEE A DOCTOR ASAP!!! Go to the ER if you can't get in now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bleeding is NEVER good during pregnancy!!!
DaleCDean29 responded:
Seriously? your posting this on here, um hello common sense says any bleeding is BAD when your pregnant. If you have not already seen a doctor or been to the er you really should get going. And for goodness sake and the health of your baby stop having SEX
tdub089 responded: comment
JessWilcox responded:
I agree with all the ladies on here, you need to go to the doc asap, like 3 days ago asap! I saw a bit of blood at 14 weeks and was seen at my doc the same day because I was terrified!! I cried when I saw it! And it was a tinge!! Why in the world would even second guess this? I pray you've already went to the doc.

Me(24), DH(28), DS(4), DS(2), EDD 6-19-10 ~TEAM PINK~
Bandia1206 replied to JessWilcox's response:
Mommabenew: I hope that you finally took advice hun.. please give us an update on how things are going.
MommaBeNew replied to Bandia1206's response:
Went to the ER on 04/09/10. Had my second miscarriage. Thank you Bandia1206 for your caring. Turns out the baby wasn't growing and now I'm waiting to be seen by a doctor for the second time since then. Thanks everyone else who was kind about this. I wish you all luck with your pregnancies and for the already Mommas, thank God for your beautiful little ones because you're very lucky.
casperkawa replied to MommaBeNew's response:
I am so sorry for your loss.

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