Anyone else have this?
tgmk816 posted:
Or am I just weird? When I was expecting my second DD, I had similar problems from about the 4th month all the way through to delivery. Whenever I stand (even if just for a few seconds), my legs get very heavy-feeling and achy, both sides, mainly from my hips/groin area to my knees. The longer I stand, the worse it gets. If I walk or sit, I'm fine.

I've been trying to stay off my feet as much as possible, but it's tough with two kids and work. I realize there's probably not much else to do (except maybe support hose, which will only cut my belly in half! ), but I just wondered if it's just me...
hawaiianmommy responded:
I get some thing like it but mine is my thigh area and it gets like a numb feeling. and if i sit or walk it goes away in a few seconds.
vanessa730 responded:
I have the same type of problem. from my hips to knees go numb/feel like then need a massage when i sit for too long....walking has seemed to help a little.
DaniAdine responded:
Are they your ligaments pulling and stretching?  My sister calls them the monkeys... because they feel like monkeys pulling and swinging on vines inside your legs.  
I get really bad leg cramps and have found 2 things that work... 1) drink pickle juice.  about 1/4 cup.
2) Caster Oil.  (not the kind you drink, although that may come in handy if you go past your due date) Rub it on the aches and it seems to work :)
Good luck!