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Line down belly???
jenny8709 posted:
OK...I am 18 weeks now, and I still do not have any signs of that line down my belly. Linea nigra I think. Is this normal? I heard it may not be noticable in fair-toned people, is that true? My mom said she got it, can't remember how long into pregnancy.

Thanks =)

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dwaw02 responded:
I don't have it with this one, but I did with DS. Don't remember when it appeared though.

Angela, DS (5), EDD 7/25/10 Pink Team
ashleyjane87 responded:
I am very pale and never got it really in my previous pregnancies. There may have been a very faint line, but not what people traditionally think of when they think linea nigra. I hear usually people with darker complexions get it more pronounced.
tdub089 replied to ashleyjane87's response:
lurking from 3rd tri.
I have heard that some people never get the line..and that is perfectly normal...I am light-skinned..and the line is very noticeable. It started to show more at 20 weeks..I am now 32 weeks and it is very dark...HTH!
Mami2010 responded:
I'm 17 weeks and my line is distinct and getting darker. But I'm dark skinned, I read that it is much more common to get the line than fair skinned women.
Isylya responded:
I never had it with my DD....and I haven't had any signs of developing one now. I am native American so there are "other" parts of my body (TMI) that are darker in color. My skin is olive colored...but no line. Perhaps it's all the English blood in me. heheh.

KSHoh responded:
I am african american and I have always had the line and this is my first pregnancy. I dont think it is getting any darker. I think for some darker skinned women the line may be there already naturally.
peachyisthelife responded:
I'm very fair skinned, this is my 3rd pregnancy, and I've never gotten the line.
ClosetRocker responded:
Lurking from 3rd tri. (he he)

I'm brown and my line showed up fairly early. It's not really dark but definitely noticable.
ttrishh replied to ClosetRocker's response:
I had it dark with my DS but I am 28 weeks now and no sign of it this time. (I am light skinned but not really pale)
Lysana responded:
I had it, faintly, all the way up with DS (who was baby #2). With DD (#1), it was only from my belly button down. I haven't noticed it this time yet (another girl). That could be because of the stretch marks - it may just look like another stretch mark this time. I haven't looked very hard.
woody1983 responded:
I just now have it...I am 22 weeks. It showed up over night though and it is quite dark. I have normal complexion but have about 1/4 native american in me so maybe it is from that! My mom who is 1/2 native american never got it though so who knows?
Rubyl33 responded:
*lurking from 3rd tri*

My line showed up within the first few weeks of pregnancy. First it started at my belly button and went down from there. Now it's all the way from under my boobs and down.
PGinSJ replied to Rubyl33's response:
I'm light skinned and my line showed up faintly around 18 weeks. It's just below my belly button and quite thin but seems to be getting a tad darker and longer. I LOVE IT! I'm 20 weeks now.
PGinSJ replied to PGinSJ's response:
PS-thanks for doing the poll, I was wondering how common it is. We seem to be the minority, interesting.

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