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Welcome mommies from 1st Trimester Community (BFP to 13weeks). Your final stop is the 3rd Trimester Community (28w to 40w). Yay!
OhBabyTaylor posted:
Has anyone gone on/or is going on a Babymoon before your LO gets here? We are planning a 4 day trip to the beach next weekend.

I was wondering how far along you were/or are going to be when you go. We will be 28 this an okay time to travel 6 hours?
tasha_016 responded:
Dh and I plan on taking a short weekend vacation when I am 30 weeks! My dr suggested not traveling farther than an hour from home once I am in my 3rd tri so we will be heading for a town about 45 mins away from our home.
Kethomas87 responded:
We are going on a mini Babymoon this weekend just to DC ( about an hour away ) for 3 days and im so excited! and ill be 26 weeks
OhBabyTaylor replied to tasha_016's response:
I am afraid of the long ride..but I know if I get out and stretch every hour I should fine...and I will be only 1 week into the third trimester...hopefully it wont be too bad.

You guys have fun!!!
EMB2006 responded:
We're going to Auburn this weekend for the spring football practice game. This will be our last 'trip' before Lucas gets here so I'm hoping to enjoy it as much as I can-swelling, heat and all lol!! Have fun at the beach!!
kamahri_n_me replied to EMB2006's response:
We went to the beach( about 2 1/2 hrs away) 2 weekends ago It was fun and much needed. We may make a nother trip down in the next 2 or 3 weeks who knows.
PGinSJ replied to kamahri_n_me's response:
Yes you should be fine in a car at 28 weeks. Trouble is mostly with flying in your third tri, most airlines don't allow it, the increased air pressure can make vericose veins worse, and there is a higher chance of catching a cold.

They do recommend getting out and stretching and moving around every now and then on long trips because pg women are prone to blood clots and those can become dangerous if you sit still for too long. Have a great time, I am sure you'll enjoy it.

We are going to Maui for 8 days when I am 24 weeks. I wanted to squeeze it in before the third tri just in case. I plan to get an aisle seat and get up and walk frequently. I asked a lot of people and most said they were still feeling great at that time.
peachyisthelife replied to tasha_016's response:
Yikes, I'm surprised your ob doesn't want you traveling more than an hour away in your 3rd tri. We've booked a family vacation 4.5 hours away when I'm 32w along. My ob practice is pretty laid back so I bet they'll be ok with it. But I better ask at my next appt!
KLN777 responded:
You should be fine going 6 hours. I'll actually be leaving soon to drive 6 hours for this weekend. Not for a babymoon, but we'll be visiting my grandparents. We do this once a month and have kept it up all through my pregnancy. It hasn't ever been a problem.

We will be going for a babymoon over Memorial Day weekend to spend 5 days at a mountain resort in PA. Can't wait! That will prob be a 7 or 8 hr drive. (Come to think of it, we're driving almost 10 hours each way in a couple of weeks to go to GA for my cousin's bootcamp graduation and to see my MIL for mother's day... We travel a lot.) Driving really isn't a problem as long as you have enough room in the car to be comfortable and stop frequently enough for bathroom breaks. Have a great trip!
Guinnessstout replied to KLN777's response:
Every OB seems to be different. Mine said not to fly after 34 weeks but driving is okay. She said to get out and stretch frequently. My back hurts something fierce after an hour in the car. We went to WV this weekend, which is an hour and a half for us. I'm 25 weeks. I have been spoiled rotten. I got a prenatal massage and a facial. My back feels much better.

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