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Weight gain...
byoung1979 posted:
just curious to know how much you ladies have been gaining so far. I know what the doctors say you are supposed to gain, and I know I have gained too much. I am 25 weeks along and already gained 30 pounds, and this is after losing weight in my first trimester from being so sick!! Yowza huh?? I'm also aaaaaaaalllllll belly!
narmstrong56 responded:
I am 21 weeks and a few days... I gained about 3 lbs. so far, but then it disappeared... I go back to see my midwife on Tuesday(tomorrow)... We'll see what she says about my weight and where I should be... Cause it's not like I'm not eating... I thought I've been eating too much, but the lbs. just aren't coming on, even though I can feel my daughter gaining weight in there... I'm all belly... My belly is growing and my baby girl is doing well, I just haven't had any weight gain... I lost 11-13 lbs. in the first trimester and have stayed at the end of first trimester weight since. I don't understand it, but everyone is different... As long as your little one is healthy and your OB/Midwife is fine with it, I don't see any reason to worry... Best of luck to you! :)
KBratt responded:
I am 21w today & down a total of 5 lbs...I lost 11lbs in the first tri & as of my last weigh in on 4/11 I had gained 6 lbs back.

22; DH 21; EDD#1 8/24 Kelsey Paige
DaleCDean29 responded:
I am 25 weeks at my last appointment i was up 21 lbs, and that was at 22 weeks. So hopefully its tapered off a little at least for now.
peachyisthelife responded:
I'm 26w and I've gained about 9lbs. But I've got extra weight on me already so 9lbs is PLENTY for me. I wish it were less. But it's ok, I don't think it's too much. As long as I keep the total gain under 20 I'll be happy.
Taylove11 responded:
I'm at 24 weeks and I've gained 9 pounds. The doc says that it's right on track. Although 6 of those I gained in a month and my doc doesn't want me to have back to back months like that. I've trying to be really careful with what I eat, and I'm trying to exercise more.
Kethomas87 responded:
26 weeks and ive gained 23 lbs haha guess momma needs to lay off the candy :(
Jennyhat responded:
20 weeks and I've gained about 12 pounds. But it looks like I've gained much much more, I started spreading wide as soon as I found out I was prego it seems.
casperkawa responded:
I am 28 weeks and have gained 16 pounds, my doc says I should slow down, did not think that it was too bad. But I guess since I am already about forty pounds over weight they do not want me to gain as much. Oh well we all need to start a lose weight board for after our LO's are born. lol
lisax4156 responded:
I'll be 24w tomorrow and I've lost almost 15lbs. I'm still losing. I guess we'll find out if I've lost more next week when I see my OB dr. I'm not really concerned about my weight, as I'm over weight anyhow.

Isylya responded:
I'm 16 weeks....I've gained 2 lbs. Yay! lol
Although I've probably lost it now since I haven't been able to eat properly for about 5 days, since my surgery.

Although, my Dr. said to eat an ice cream or have a milk shake here and there to gain some extra pounds.

I only gained 26 lbs when I was preggo with DD and I didn't start gaining until my 7th month...I went from nearly flat tummy to HUGE tummy in about a month with her.
Jaylonsmama responded:
I'm 16 weeks, gained 6 pounds so far. My first son, I gained 6lbs total since I lost so much in the begining due to a huge change in what I ate. So I feel awefull that I've gained that already and I have so far to go. But I keep telling myself it's all for the baby.
bitesizehoney responded:
At 19 wks, I've gained 11 lbs and the baby's 11 oz... The dr tells me not to worry about the weight as long as I'm eating healthy and the baby looks healthy (5 lbs was in the past 4 wks). It's different for everybody :)
BamBam85 replied to bitesizehoney's response:
I have gained a total of 16lbs so far and i'm 27 weeks on Wednesday. I am very irritated by that number considering that is the amount i gained with DD and with DS I only gained 22 lbs. So i am walking more and religiously doing my pregnancy workouts with my DVD's! But I will point out that at my 20wk appt for my u/s the baby was measuring big and in the 93% range so I am also having a much bigger baby.
tater99 responded:
I am 20 weeks and have gained 22 pounds, all in my belly!! I gained most of it in the first three months. I really don't eat more than before I was pregnant and I get more excercise now than I did. My mom is tiny and she gained 100 pounds with each pregnancy so maybe its in the genes. My doctor said its not that bad but I should make sure I am eating the right things so it doesn't cause a problem later. Yikes!!

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