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Best Part of Pregnancy
Louise_WebMD_Staff posted:
Everyone always told me that 2nd trimester was the best part of pregnancy. Is it?

Or what part of pregnancy is your favorite part?

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Is the 2nd trimester the best part of pregnancy?
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  • I don't know
  • There is no best part
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jenny8709 responded:
This is my first LO, so I don't know about the third tri yet, but I am 19wks today and since about 15 weeks I have had my normal energy back. The first trimester drained me! Also, I found I had much more food aversions and odd cravings in the first few months. Also I head horrible migraines a few times in the first tri.

The complaints so far are (for 2nd tri):

Sleeping problem, scared of sleeping on back (which happens to be my pre-pg fav)
Mild cramping in abdomin and some leg cramps.

So, overall, so far, I would say yes! But, I posted 'don't know' because I can't speak for the third tri yet!
KSHoh responded:
I am 16w 4d. I have not gotten to the best part yet- if there is one. In the first trimester I was extremly exusted. Now I have insomnia and am usually tired because I dont sleep. Have leg cramps and feet hurt a lot when I walk.
DaleCDean29 responded:
So far for me, its been better than the first tri no wanting to hurl after smelling some sausage cooking. However, the back pain and the hip pain..Well I am assuming it not going to get any better anytime soon.

I think it is one of the better times though cause I can feel my little girl playing in there and so can my bf. As he puts it my little girl is "kicking mommy's butt" and he thinks its hilarious.
mommy_a replied to DaleCDean29's response:
I too, can't say for sure, because there are some things which are good, some bad.

I keep waiting for my bout of energy. The heartburn has definitely increased.
(I'm not as tense and nervous as I was in first tri for ssure!!!!! but that's not a pregnancy symptom it's psychological lol)

first pregnancy so I don't know whether third tri will be better.
FloralMom responded:
It may be the easiest part, but the BEST part is delivery and meeting your LO!!
JAKUM3 responded:
2nd is definitely the best!! you usually arent sick anymore. you can feel the baby move and find out what you are having. and you aren't so huge that you cant breathe or move! :)

me(25) DH(32) m/c 01/08, beautiful baby girl 01/09, edd 10/09/10
mommyof3kiddos replied to FloralMom's response:
I think the best part is the last push where the baby comes out and you're done! :P
Isylya responded:
My favorite part has always been feeling the baby move. I think it's wild and just about the sweetest thing in the world.

I also love thinking about creating a human! How neat it is that my body can produce a fully functioning human in about 9 months? I think it's so cool.

Over the years, watching my DD grow and become her own person and remembering all of those sweet moments when she was a baby all the way to 10 years old and learning stuff in school and how smart she is and how wonderful of a blessing she has been in my life...and my amazement with her started when she was kicking me from the inside.

Parenthood is truly a blessing...enjoy it all you first time Mommies....and second time Mommies too!!


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