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QOTD 4/21
FloralMom posted:
Question of the day:

With pregnancy hormones flying around - what most annoyes you right now?
mommy_a responded:
My mom's interference with everything related to her pregnant daughter .. lol lol lol.

I know I know.. I'm terribly mean.
FloralMom responded:
I would have to say for myself, it is definately inconsiderate people...
-People who drive over 25 in a residential area when a pregnant woman and her 3 year old are trying to cross the street in the rain.
-People who demand that a flower delivery be made by a certain time, but the recipent isn't even going to be home for hours.
-Peolple who expect me to waive a delivery fee because they are "in the neighborhood".
-People who expect me to stay open an extra 3 hours because "they just can't make it in until 8:00pm".

I'm having a hormonal day and so just about EVERYTHING is irritating me today - I just have a feeling that I am going to snap on somebody today!
-People who wait until the last minute, waltz in and expect me to forget about the other 10 people I was helping before them and do whatever for them RIGHT NOW.
FloralMom replied to mommy_a's response:
mommy_a - I know what you mean, my mom did that with my DS and it just annoyed me. She always told me what I should and shouldn't do and how my pregnancy was going to go... It had been 25 YEARS since she had been pregnant and nothing was the same anymore and my pregancies have been nothing like hers!
KLS0228 replied to FloralMom's response:
FloralMom : Really?! People have some nerve asking you to waive the fees and stay open THREE HOURS LATE?!! 15 minutes maybe, 30 minutes your pushing it, any longer than that FORGET IT!!!!! WOW!!! That is pretty RUDE!!!! And if they are in the neighborhood why can't they just come pick it up and delivery it themselves?!!!! UGH!

Ok, now for my response! LOL!!! Today, EVERYTHING!!! I almost died today in a wreck becuase some a$$hole decided to cut across THREE LANES OF TRAFFIC (INTO MY LANE) and then turn really fast causing me to slam on my breaks and I could swurve into the other lane becuase there was a car there and I felt my Tahoe kinda tip to one side!!!!!!! Then I laid on my horn and he FLIPPED ME OFF!!!!!!!! REALLY?!!!!!! So, I feel bad for anyone who crosses me today, my hormones are out of control today!!! But venting jsut made me feel a little better!!! Ahh....
jle09 replied to mommy_a's response:
That my boss as not acknowledged that today is Administrative Professional Day. The woman next to me has THREE bouquets of flowers on her desk.
KLS0228 replied to jle09's response:
OMG!!! Really?!!!! At my old job my boss didn't recognize us for anything and he was a A-hole!!! And I was surprised to see a card from my boss on my desk today! Well, here's to all of the great men and women (mostly women on this board! LOL!!) that keep people in their office going!!! HAPPY Administrative Professional Day to you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jennax907 responded:
My supervisor is a chain smoker and for some reason she always goes out and smokes right before our meetings. So here I am couped up in a tiny conference room sucking in her smoke!!! It probably wouldn't bother me normally but because my sense of smell is out of control right now I can't handle it.
emyjo83 responded:
Our are getting paid to answer the answer it. Don't read, don't e-mail, answer the phone!!!! Learn how to make copies and how to unload the dishwasher. Earn your wages!

Come to think of it, this irritated me before I was pregnant. But not it's even worse.

Oh yeah, and I work for 3 attorneys and one of them I can barely tolerate. She cries all the time and is so emotional. She huffs and puffs around the office and really really really gets on my last nerve. I am the one that's pregnant here, leave the crying to me! :)
bcfrost816 replied to emyjo83's response:
What annoys me is that since this is my second baby, no one seems to care, lol. Not care really, but you know, with my DD everyone always wanted to know how I was feeling, if I've felt the baby, and all that. Well this time, it's like everyone has forgotten I'm even pregnant!

When I think about it...lots of things annoy me :)
bitesizehoney responded:
People who call your number and hang up without having the courtesy to say "Sorry. Wrong number." It's called Caller ID... I can call you back and hang up on you if I was so inclined. LoL.
williamswifey replied to jle09's response:
That really sucks!!! I completely forgot what day it was and my bosses walked out of the office with a bouquet of flowers for each of us in the office and a cake. I can't stand inconsiderate employers!!!!
williamswifey responded:
What annoys me the most is the fact that there obviously has been a run on stupidity in the people around me. I work in a school and it seems that the students and staff get stupider and stupider every day. It's like common sense is leaking from people's ears as of late.
terricody responded:
irrigant people
jle09 replied to williamswifey's response:
AWW that is so nice of your boss!! The lady that sit's next to me, her department brought down cake and had a big celebration for her at lunch. I was jealous!

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