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QOTD 4/22
FloralMom posted:
Question of the day:

Who (friends/family) will be allowed in the delivery room with you when LO arrives?
jle09 responded:
During the actual delivery part (pushing, exams, ect); my husband and Mom. I would have no problem allowing other visitors during the "none" personal times, but we've opted to ask other family member's to wait until after LO has arrived to come visit.
FloralMom responded:
Just me and DH!

With DS, both my mom and MIL wanted to be in there and we just didn't like that idea, with DS#2 we knew that we didn't have much time, so as soon as they cleaned me up we let DS in and then shortly after the rest of the family.

With LO it will pretty much be the same - Me & DH and then bring DS in once I'm cleaned up. Once he gets to meet his little brother or sister, then we will let the rest of the fam and/or friends in.
williamswifey responded:
My DH will be with me and that's all I need. My DS will come in later...after the pushing part is over.
UGAmomof2 responded:
Only DH this time. My mother is going to have a fit, she's been in the delivery room for all the grandkids. With this being our last, DH wants it just us.
bcfrost816 responded:
Most certainly ONLY my DH! lol. When DD was born, my mom and MIL came in close to when I was going to start pushing and I looked at DH and said (I'm sure in a demon-like voice) "get them out of here!". lol
mommy_a responded:
Only DH!

Mom and anyone else can come later and see the baby.. but during that time only DH!
NatashaT1 responded:
This is our first, so I think I want it to just be me and dh (our special moment), but my mom will probably have a fit, this is going to be her first grandchild. Whats a girl to do???????
Jennyhat responded:
DH, my mom and MIL
bitesizehoney responded:
The Dr. would only allow me two... so my DF and my mom.
bcfrost816 replied to Jennyhat's response:
Just a side note for you first time mommies.....don't let anyone bully you into letting them into the delivery room!! This is YOUR moment with DH, no one else's!! :)

After DD was born and I was cleaned up and all that, I was holding her and DH and I were just so in love. The nurse told me, "honey, you all need to be together and start being a family, I'm not letting anyone in here for another 30 minutes". She was so sweet and having that time just to look at her, hold her, kiss her with just DH was something I would never give up. It really is the most amazing moment in your life!
Isylya responded:
My DH and Mom. This will be a first for both of them! lol!
My Mom has 8 grandkids and she missed the birth of all of them, so I'm letting her in with this one. =)

This should be fun.

Shani_girl replied to Isylya's response:
I am having another scheduled C so it will only be me and DH. With my first vaginal my mom and dh went in but my mom said it was so stressful for her to watch her daughter go through so much pain that she would never come in again. LOL
Jennax907 responded:
With my first it was just DH and I. DH delivered our DS and we got to push by ourselves for most of the time. I said I didn't want anyone there and at the last min a resident snuck in! I was sooo mad.

So this time around I'm thinking I will do the same because I'm not going to get an epidural this time around either. I was considering having my friend come in during the delivery because she's trying to get certified as a Doula and only has one more birth to see before she gets her certification.
yamma20 replied to Jennax907's response:
My mom and my best friend, I would love for DH to be there but he is a big chicken poop and is afraid of the blood, seeing me in pain etc. So we compromised and he will be with me during the labor and then mom and Barbie will be with me during the pushing. After it is over they will leave and Dh will come right back in for us to hold the baby and bond.

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