September Babies!!!! What gender??
Expectingababy7 posted:
So for all the ladies due in september, lets see how many boys and girls are there going to be??

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What are you having if your due in sept.??
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kate_self_in_love responded:
don't know what we are having yet but im due at the very end of september!
Jennax907 responded:
They don't know for sure. We'll find out May 4th for sure. But the sonographer was thinking girl at 13 weeks.
sorme818 responded:
Baby girl for us. The nursery got painted the very next day. We bought a tutu the day after that. We cant wait but i dont think hubby knows what to do with a girl
Perron30 responded:
We found out but we are not telling people. I do not want all pink or all blue. Plus I am not sure my husband will believe it until he sees the baby come out.
ReneeErin replied to Perron30's response:
We have a stubborn baby, so I have no idea!!!! =(
jenny8709 responded:
I'll let you all know tomorrow- !! Well, Hopefully!
AbbeyCalvinMosesBoom responded:
We are due in September actually the 25th - but we have no idea what the babies are yet. We go for our level 2 on May 10th and hope they cooperate!! I don't know if I could handle the anticipation of not knowing. LOL.
bcfrost816 replied to AbbeyCalvinMosesBoom's response:
I'm due 9-26-10 and just found out yesterday it's another baby girl for us!
eastonsmom1 responded:
2 Mean Boys for me!!!
KLS0228 responded:
Due September 24th, but baby will be here a week or so earlier due to repeat C-section! And its a BOY!!! No name as of yet, but hopefully DH will come to his senses about all my wonderful suggestions! LOL!!
EricaQB1 responded:
I'm due 9/14 with our first, a girl- Alexa Jade
vanessa730 responded:
I will find out next thursday!! i can't wait.
Expectingababy7 responded:
oh how exciting ladies!!! cant wait to find out what everyone is having.
SunConure responded:
Were due on 09/13 with our first, a little girl, Rylee Lynn!