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QOTD 4/30
FloralMom posted:
Question of the day:

What has been your worst case of "prego brain"?
FloralMom responded:
I have actually forgotten to pay bills! Mainly because I pay bills at home and then also handle them for my shop. We have the same gas/water, electric and cable/phone providers for both. So I pay them at the shop and then mentally check them off at home too! Oops!!!
Jennax907 responded:
I forgot to give my son his antibiotic this morning :( I was in such a daze. I thought I'd remember everything but I guess I didn't. And the sad thing is, that I remembered right when I got to his day care. I'm such a bad mommy.
kfitz responded:
I forget all kinds of things at work. Sometimes I can't even talk because I can't think of simple words. It is so frustrating!
tamliz08 responded:
Well, the other day I forgot something really stupid, and it was pretty embarrassing but now I can't even remember what happened. Go figure that one!
williamswifey responded:
I can't actually say that I've had a "worst case" per se. I have progressive moments daily that get more and more frustrating.
ForeverHisWife replied to williamswifey's response:
Occassionally I will make a food shopping list and well it seems everytime I go now I forget it and then to make matters worse I forget whats on it!!!
mommyof3kiddos responded:
I almost left DD2 in the stroller today at the zoo when we went to get in line for the train. DS and DD1 were walking. I threw my cell phone and camera in my purse and put it around me and said let's go. Thankfully it took less than a second to realize what I did! I was hoping nobody else noticed.
emyjo83 responded:
I locked myself out of the house. My DD (2) was eating dinner and just stared at me. Finally, I convinced her to get down and open the door for mommy. THis was two months about when it was 10 degrees out and I seriously had on a short sleeve shirt. I have done it three times total during this pregnancy. Oh yeah, one I did while she was napping and I just stared in the house down the hallway for a good hour before I realized there was a spare key in the vehicle. I hate that stinkin door!
mtlmayhem responded:
There have been little things here or there but Yesterday, by far was THE worst....---> I forgot my house AND car keys in my desk @ work...

My dad had to pick me up from the autopark, and Dh had to drop me his spare set of car keys. I had to pick up DS1 and eat dinner @ my folks, and wait for DH to finish working (with overtime to boot) and THEN go home at like 830-9pm to prepare for today!!!
megcc responded:
My worst case was when I was driving to work, and I drove right passed it. I've been working here 5 years and have never missed that turn.

-Meghan(30), DH(38), EDD 9/23/10 (our first!)
FloralMom replied to megcc's response:
LOL! Yep, I've driven right past errands... makes the day a lot longer than it has to be!
Taylove11 responded:
I keep forgetting my phone everywhere. I have left it at work over night 4 times now in the past 2 months. THe scary thing is that it's my only phone too. We don't have a land line at our house currently.
Ireland05 responded:
I went to the grocery store specifically for dog food yesterday. I got a few other things to make dinner and then I was pulling into the driveway and realized that I had forgot the dog food! So I had to turn around and go back!!
Isylya responded:
So, today while I was in the shower.... I went to wash my face and was looking for my bottle of face wash...But, the funny part is, I haven't used the brand of face wash I was looking for in about 2 years! I skimmed right over the bottle I've been using...thinking "That's not mine"...*blush* LOL

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