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Baby Girl Names
sorme818 posted:
Which do you guys like or why do you hate it

Our last name stinks and our little girl will forever have to spell her last name for everyone. Our requirments for a first name were that if you heard it you would know how to spell it and and if you read it you would know how to say it. Basically a normal name. Our tops at the moment are:


Which ones do you like? I know everyone has different taste but are any of these ones you just would never absolutely name your kids. Also, if one of these IS your name, do you like your name?
michelleloehr responded:
I have two cousins named Emily (one goes by Emma) and I think its a very pretty name.
KLN777 responded:
Annie is my favorite. There are very few people named Annie anymore (I don't think I've ever met one), but at the same time, it's a great name. She'll have a different name than other kids without it being weird or difficult. Pretty much the same way with Lucy, I just like Annie better. My only concern with Emily is that there are soooooo many girls named Emily. It's such a pretty name, but I think it would have annoyed me as a kid to be one of 3 girls with the same name in a class. JMO. Good luck in choosing one.
0o0ashley0o0 responded:
I kinda like Lucy. It just makes me think of a sweet little girl. I also like Emily, but that's a lot more popular name if that bothers you at all.
True_Texan responded:
I'm kind of partial to Emily. I wanted to consider that name for my little girl but DH doesn't like it for some reason. Annie would be my second favorite.
yvetteb81 responded:
i love lucy. its cute. 2nd annie.
jle09 responded:


I love Lucy, I suggested it for our LO. A friend on facebook just had a niece born and her name was Lucy Moon. It is a little out there, but I think it is adorable.
terricody responded:
I like Emily or Emma..I thought of one of these names but dh doesn't really like them so we have our chosen name for a little girl but no name yet for a boy

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