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Baby Shower Dilemma - opinions?
cvega1980 posted:
Hi girls, hope everybody is great today!

I need your sincere opinion. My SIL is helping my DH with the baby shower (no sisters and my mom is in Florida and I live in Jersey, so she can't do) I want to have it at my house. However, we don't have the tables and chairs to accomodate about 70 gilrs. So, I want to rent (about $200.00 total). My SIL responded that there was no need to spent the money and we could do it at her mother's house, which has enought furniture for a little over half the people. (But we still need to borrow some from family). My DH responded that he has no trouble getting tables and chairs to our house, but SIL is kind of insisting (mentioned it for the third time today, after sking me my preference and me telling her what I want). I would like to have it at my house because my side of the family and my friends will feel more at home, and no need to pack the car with gifts to take to our house. So, should I get involved or let my DH and his sister work it out and just be happy with their decision ? Thanks is advance for the replies!
ReneeErin responded:
I'm a very practical person, so I'd probably go with the cheaper option =)
scperdomo responded:
I would do it the way I wanted, since it is YOUR shower. If you are more comfortable having it at your house, then do it at your house. Who cares what they think, this is for you isn't it? Shouldn't you be comfy??
SunConure responded:
Yeah I agree you should have it at your place! Your DH is helping with it so you should get to decide where it is held at!
michelleloehr replied to SunConure's response:
as long as you are footing the bill for the rental I don't see why SIL would care.
mommyof3kiddos responded:
I agree that as long as you and DH are paying for the tables and chairs your SIL should have it at your house. But in the end I wouldn't make it a big deal and would have it where ever you can. Maybe SIL thinks she has to pay part of the rental fee?
orin34 responded:
:lurking from 3rd trimester:
I say do what YOU want...... personally, I wouldn't want a babyshower at my but that is just because I don't like "snoopers" (not that they would find anything incriminating.... it is just annoying when people go through your stuff.... my sil does it EVERY time she comes over and my aunts do the same thing, it bugs the HELL out of me.... especially when sil keeps asking 'can I take this?' "can I have this" or "Now which books don't you want anymore?" GRRRRRR)..... Also, I don't relish cleaning up the mess. It is true that you don't have to pack the car with gifts, but it isn't that big of a deal (thats what husbands are for ..... lol.... they are there to unload the car right? or have I been wrong all these years and DH just hasn't set me straight?)
cvega1980 responded:
Thanks ladies!

My DH is paying for everything, but he was not really getting involved because his sister loves planning parties. Anyways, this is an update on the situation. I went crying to DH - or more like threatening, bawling, playing the victim, etc (blame it on the hormones LOL). So he told his sister that he wants to have it at our house. However, they also booted me out of their planning emails. No more CC to me!
orin34 replied to cvega1980's response:
That might be best......... at least now you don't have to deal with it. You don't have to deal with the stress it causes.... and you can just sit back and relax
roni090909 responded:
I would stay out of it and let them handle it. Baby shower drama is just too much for me.

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