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Just wondering?
Rfirstlilone26 posted:
Hello ladies..
So i'm 22wks now and i already had my big u/s at 18wks, Does anyone k now when you your next u/s is i cant wait to see my LO again.We are thinking about going with a 3D/4D u/s but that ine would be out of pocket..But when does you OB normally do your next one after the big one?Anyone!!!!!

Ash&Jon&Are first lil one- due 9/5
KJhappymom responded:
My doc's office doesn't usually do another ultrasoud unless the feel like there may be a problem.

With my DS they did't feel that he was moving frequently enough so they did a ultrasound to take his measurements to make sure the placenta was still working effectively. They decided it was wearing down and scheduled a induction two days later.

So though it is awesome to get to see the LO, at this point you don't really wan't to have to see them with an ultrasound, unless it's the norm at your docs office.
KityKatK8 responded:
Sorry, you don't get another full body u/s, unless there is a real problem, and then it isn't as much fun as the big u/s anyway. At most, *maybe* around 36/37 weeks they might do a quick u/s to confirm the position of the baby (head down), but that is just to find the head, not a look at the whole body.
MamaTara1 responded:
My OB now does "standard" ultrasounds at 20 & 30 weeks, more often if you're high risk. The OB that delivered my first son only did one at 20 weeks. Moral of the story: every OB is different & you should ask your's at your next appointment! :)
winterwin replied to MamaTara1's response:
I agree with Mama tara1, my OB does one at your 18th and 28th week but every OB is different.
cdjd82406 responded:
My big u/s was last week and I won't have another one unless I become gestational diabetic. Then they'll keep check on both me and the baby to make sure that she doesn't get too big for me to have. They've already told me that she's going to be an eight pound baby.
True_Texan responded:
Whether or not you get another one is totally up to your Dr and your insurance. If your insurance covers more than one u/s that aren't related to possible problems and your Dr does another one like mine, it'll probably be around the 28 week mark. I just had another one today and I'm just over a week shy of the 28 week mark at 26 wk, 5d. LO is measuring at just under a week shy of that though at 27 wk, 2d. But the Dr. said everything looks perfect! Yay!!
ReneeErin replied to True_Texan's response:
We don't get one after the big ultrasound! At least we get to feel the baby now =)
roni090909 responded:
Some OBs will do one around 35 or 36 weeks to check on the size of the baby. I know I will be getting one around then. My doc is already worried about me having a baby bigger than DS.
SunConure responded:
We had our big u/s at 19 weeks and I get another one at 35 to check position and size of LO. We are going to opt and pay for the 4D also so I get that at 28 weeks.
Taylove11 responded:
It really depends on your doctor.

I know some women also get a 30w ultrasound to check fluid levels, etc. However, my doc will not do another u/s unless there are problems. Problems like gaining too much weight (to check for pre-e), leaking fluids, or not feeling enough movement. I would just ask what your doctor's standard are.


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