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Nothing to with being Prego but need opinions anyway
ForeverHisWife posted:
So, I just put in the oven a chocolate cake that I made from a hershey's receipe. But, heres my problem I do not know wheather or not to make chocolate icing and put on it or just add powered sugar to it. This cake is not for us we are bringing it to a pot luck dinner (thats a dinner where you can make a dish or dessert dish for everyone to eat and you can have stuff too) incase anyone didnt know what that was. Anywho, I dont want to make it extra chocolatly because I dont know if that would be too much chocolate plus I have never ever made icing from scratch before I have always gotten it out of a can when I have ever made a cake which isnt often anymore. Also, some people dont like chocolate cake with chocolate icing and I want people to eat it. ( I dont really like both together). Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appricated!! Thanks girls!
Taylove11 responded:
I can see where you are coming from. I would just add the powdered sugar and maybe take some whipped cream to serve with it? I think that it's a good option. It's hard to please everybody because we all have different tastes. I HTH!

Your cake sounds yummy BTW!
eden51671 responded:
hmmmm....i think the more popular vote would be with the choc icing. The icing is not hard to make. If it gets too thin just add more powdered sugar. I bet it would get eaten. : ) BUT the powdered sugar sounds like it would make it pretty and yummy too im sure.
ForeverHisWife replied to Taylove11's response:
Thanks. I was going to ask my SO but I figured he would say its up to me what I wanted to do lol.
michelleloehr replied to ForeverHisWife's response:
Go powdered sugar it will also make the cake look really pretty.
hawaiianmommy responded:
I would use the powder suger as a topping or a light pudding topping. i am not one for chocolate on chocolate. thats just me and you know the ones that will be eating most of the cake will be the kids so just think of it as what would you reather give your chils chocolate on chocolate or some other topping on chocolate. if this is for adults only then thats a diff story. HTH

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