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QOTD 5/8
FloralMom posted:
Question of the day:

Why (or why not)... do you want to find out the sex of your baby?
FloralMom responded:
With DS, since he was our first, I wanted to get a head start on shopping for clothes and such... DH wanted it to be a surprise... I won! :) The plan from the begining was boy or girl we were going to go neutral colors/theme in the nursary (light green - frogs, ducks, butterflies, dragonflies) and car seat (light green), stroller (light green)... Gender neutral just for when we had more LO's things could be passed down to the next kiddo... instead of having a little boy in a frilly pink bassenette.

With my last LO, he was sick, so we wanted to make special arrangments, have special clothing and so on and we wanted it gender appropriate.

With this LO, I kind of wanted it to be a surpise, but this time DH wants to know, so... I guess we are going to find out... unless LO is shy!!!
UGAmomof2 responded:
I didn't want to find out, HOWEVER, I'm glad we did. I am high-risk and knew I would have tons of u/s anyway and knew it would be hard PLUS I just knew it was going to be a boy. At our "big u/s" the tech accidently let it slip that we were having a girl. I AM SO HAPPY. Since I have a 2 yr old DD, I couldn't have hoped for better. For me though, it's always about healthy. That's all I pray for. Thank you God!!
ReneeErin replied to UGAmomof2's response:
I REALLY want to find out for planning purposes. I'd love to buy some clothes and accessories for the nursery, but the little one isn't cooperating!! I don't really like surprises, but I guess it probably will be! =)
roni090909 responded:
I want to find out just I am way to impatient to wait until the birth.
tamliz08 responded:
I like to be prepared. Also, with the last pregnancy I felt like it helped me bond with the baby. I was able to call her by her name before she was even born!
mommy_a responded:
I too just couldn't wait to find out
First baby so I'm interested in very single little thing, and the sex is a major thing!

I don't know how some mommies hold their curiosity in for so long.. I can't imagine not knowing!!
bcfrost816 replied to mommy_a's response:
Well, I don't like surprises, lol :-) I loved finding out with my first DD because I felt like I felt more bonded with her before she was born, you know? I could finally give her a name, call the baby "her" and start daydreaming and picturing my baby girl. And I'm also

DH and I definitely wanted to find out again this time what we are having, but I already knew it was a girl ;-) And I was right again! With both girls I felt very strongly that they were both girls from about 8 weeks on. I'm 2/2!! :-)
NatashaT1 responded:
This is my first and we really want to know the sex. Though the nursery will be neutral with greens, browns, and yellows, I would like to buy some gender specific clothing and settle on a name, so when we talk to baby, we'll be able to call him/her by his/her name. Can't wait. 11 more days til big U/S!!!
mommyof3kiddos responded:
I am too impatient too wait until delivery. But I also like to know for planning purposes.
Taylove11 responded:
I wanted to find out because for me, it makes planninng easier. I can have the nursery decorated beforehand, we can buy cute clothes, and that way not everything we get is yellow or green. (Not that there's anything wrong with that, it's just not for me.)

Like pp said, we bought the bigger items in a neutral color so that it could be passed down, if we are lucky enough to have more children in the future.
emyjo83 responded:
I found out with the first two because I wanted to be prepared. I am finding out with #3 because someone is sharing a room and I want to have that all done and in order before this baby comes. Either big brother will be sharing the room he is in or if its a girl, the girls will be moved to the big room to share and my son to the other.
michelleloehr replied to emyjo83's response:
I really don't care either way. I'll be happy to find out but I'll also be happy to be surprised. DH on the other hand hates surprises (I've never had a surprise gift in the 9 years we've been together) so we are going to find out if LO decides we should
cvega1980 responded:
All of you want to find out... LOL. For some reason I can't explain, I always wanted it to be a surprise, even before I planned on getting pregnant. My DH did not care one way of another, so he went along with my choice. Maybe it is because we don't care what gender Baby is, as long as everything is ok. The funny thing is that I don't even like surprises! It does make for an interesting topic every night when we talk about and to Baby... yes, that what we call it Baby :)
terricody responded:
well this is my last child and after the last 2 m/c before this one i gave everything away so now i have to buy everything all over again and it would be easy to know what im having

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