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just got back
Tiphawee posted:
from my ultrasound... so she said he is the normal size for a baby he isnt big. but she didnt really say anything about my due date.. i asked and she goes "based on your period you are 27 weeks" well i knew that .. but why am i measuring bigger if hes normal size?

could she not tell me if im farther along?

oh and she said i was breeched, does that mean hes ready for labor?
oh and i was wondering what does your cervix lenght mean? she had my at 34. and the number next to it (that she couldnt change) was 30 so im guessing im 34 over 30?
Shauntrell responded:
I am glad to hear that the baby is normal size but confused on why she couldn't explain your due date. Well I guess it's nothing to worry about. I think breeched mean the baby has it's feet down instead of his/her head, that's all. Don't know anything about cervix lenght. GL and Congrats!
Tiphawee replied to Shauntrell's response:
thanks, im confused to..she wouldnt explain about this ultrasound measurments.. only other ones or my period.. so im confused too
hawaiianmommy responded:
some time to cover there butts the ultrasound people do not disguss there finding they make you wait to see your dr. i would call your dr and ask to dissguss resalts. you may need to wait a day or two for them to receive resalts but i would call and have them call you back when they get resalts or you could wait the two weeks and talk with dr when you go in for your appointment.
breeched is your baby is feet down to have your baby natural he needs to be head down so if he doesn't change soon you may need a c-section but sound like you still have time for him to change. i cant help with the other two number sorry
True_Texan responded:
Like the PP's said breech is when the baby is in a feet down position instead of a head down. Usually the baby will turn around in time. For instance, last Thursday my LO was breech and today when I went back to try the 3D sono again (she didn't cooperate last time) she had already turned into a transverse position (laying sideways in the stomach). My Dr said this was a good sign but that she may still go back to being breech. He also said that if she does she'll still have plenty of time to turn into the proper position.
mommyof3kiddos responded:
She is saying you have a normal size baby and according to your last menstrual cycle you are 27wks along. What does that mean...exactly what she said. Like the pp said she won't discuss real results with you since she's not a doctor. When you go for your next appt in a couple weeks ask the doctor then if based on the measurements if the baby is measuring 27weeks or more. Some women measure bigger. I wouldn't worry about it too much. If you want the results sooner which I can totally understand I would wait until Tuesday to call. It will take a day or two (not counting the weekend) for the doctor to get the results.

Like everyone else has already said breech is feet down. A normal vaginal delivery needs the baby head down. Don't worry about this because babies can flip up until the last minute. Just because he is breech now doesn't mean you will need a c-section because he has plenty of time to turn. . It doesn't mean they will induce you early or give you a c-section early either. Now if he were to stay breech they will likely want to do a c-section but the majority of doctors will wait until you are 39 weeks to do that.
mtlmayhem responded:
Hope that this makes sense... sorry for the novel in advance!

Your cervix is where your uterus (womb) opens into your vagina. The scan will look for early signs of the cervix opening before the baby is actually due.

Your ultrasound tech was probably checking for what is called an incompetent cervix - which is the shortening of the cervix during pregnancy. A weakened cervix can eventually cause the amniotic membranes to rupture prematurely, and result an early delivery of your precious LO.

If an incompetent cervix is caught early enough, a special suture called a Cerclage is stiched in which holds the cervix closed until delivery.

The normal length of a cervix during pregnancy is 3 centimeters (30MM) or greater, so your cervical length sounds like it is probably within normal limits. The length may vary depending on how full your bladder is during the ultrasound and whether or not the ultrasound was done vaginally or not. (A vaginal ultrasound is the most accurate way to measure a cervix).

From 32-34 weeks gradual cervical shortening begins, so a measurement of less than 3 cm can be normal in the last trimester.


PS I realize that every one is different and every situation is unique, but consider that there are many possibilities....your LO will arrive when ready! DS1 consistently measured bigger through my pregnancy and he came out weighing 8lbs 10oz, exactly on the due date first provided by my OB at my first appointment.... my friend`s DS measured big too, and they feared he would be 10 lbs based on her last scan.... and u know what?? he came out later than his due date, and was barely 7lbs...
KityKatK8 responded:
It has always been my understanding that ultrasounds past the first trimester are not a reliable method of determining the due date because babies grow at different rates, but between 6-8 weeks babies grow at a vary constant rate, so ultrasounds at this time are a very accurate determination of a due date. Also, ultrasounds are not always correct in their measurements of the baby. There are many stories of people who had ultrasounds indicate that the baby was large, when it was actually a pound or more less.

Techs won't tell you much, since they are not the Dr.

Since you were breech at 27 weeks, your Dr will check you carefully between 34 and 36 weeks - perhaps another ultrasound - to see if the baby has turned. If the baby hasn't turned by 37 weeks, there is a chance the baby could turn, but statistically, it is a low chance.

So you have 10 more weeks for the baby to turn before any of that is an issue!

xiri16 replied to KityKatK8's response:
My sister's baby turned on it's own at 35 weeks, a day or so before he was born. She was lying in bed and watched him turn around. She said her abdomin moved like crazy with his turn, so that she could see it, and that it hurt like crazy for him to move so drastically. The doc can also sometimes help turn a baby towards the end, though it can be dangerous and painful.

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