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baby things
Tiphawee posted:
okay so im looking at everything baby i need..

i am already getting or have got, a swing, bouncer, bassinet, clothes, a health care kit thing, some toys, stroller, diapers, wipes, crib, crib set, extra crib sheets, dresser, a head support things, when the baby is about 4 months ill get him a high chair, i have vaseline for his area after birth, some pacifiers, bottles, a bottle cleaner, shampoo, body wash, baby power, diaper rash cream, lotion, a baby bath tub, and soon enough ill get him a gym mat.... but i can keep thinking im missing something..

any other items?
mtlmayhem responded:
Here's the list I use! Its the most complete one Ive found out there... HTH!
Tiphawee replied to mtlmayhem's response:
Thanks but all it takes me to is a search engine
Jacque72903 responded:
Rubbing alcohol if you don't already have some, gas drops, swaddling blankets, burp rags (I use the gerber cloth diapers, they make great burp rags), bibs (babies drool a lot! lol),
well now my mind has gone blank, will let you know if I think of anything else. Also if you register on walmart or brus they have a list that kinda helps too, they over do it, but might give you more ideas.
roni090909 responded:
Do you have any blankets? I like the really soft ones for holding them and the flannel ones are great for swaddling. You also might want to get a positioner, monitor, towels and make sure you have some NB diapers.
jenny8709 responded:
I'm not sure if you missed this or just forgot to list it: car seat, diaper bag/tote, you said clothes but I wasn't sure if you included socks and hats, baby towels and facecloths....

this list thing gives me a headache! lol :)
Tiphawee replied to jenny8709's response:
i have some wash clothes and towels but i plan on getting more, and i have a tote bag on my shopping list, but thats just depending on if i get on for my baby shower, and yeah i have 2 car seats, and diapers so many people are buying me them.. i am getting socks, but hats i didnt reallly think about thanks.
ShannaKate2 responded:
O my I haven't bought one thing yet for the baby I guess I'm only 18 weeks and have some time, When did you start buying items?
Tiphawee replied to ShannaKate2's response:
i still havent yet i just have everything on a list in walmarts lol.. but by the time i start ording ill be about 30 weeks or so, :/ i wanted to start earlier (trust me its easier) but didnt have the money then.. so the last three month im spending over 200 dollars each month buying things for the baby.. and after the baby is born i have to buy the crib so he'll be in a bassinet the first month (its cheaper lol)
Chocolatemoca replied to Tiphawee's response: this is the link that mtlmayhem was trying to link hope this helps.
jenny8709 responded:
Oh, baby hangers! (If you will be hanging LOs clothing) I know you don't need this right away, but the shopping cart cover.
mommyof3kiddos replied to Tiphawee's response:
It might be cheaper to just buy the crib and forget the bassinett. Where are you setting up the baby's room? Is he going to be in the same room as you? Or will he have his own room? If he is in the same room I say just buy the crib and skip the bassinett.
Tiphawee replied to mommyof3kiddos's response:
he has his own room, but i figured the first month or two he'll be in with me

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