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(Actual) Due Date Poll
PGinSJ posted:

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For those that have had previous pregnancies. What gestational week did you have your FIRST born baby in? TIA.
  • 37 weeks or earlier
  • 38 weeks
  • 39 weeks
  • 40 weeks
  • 41 weeks +
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roni090909 responded:
DS was born on his EDD. My water broke the night before.
UGAmomof2 responded:
I was induced at 37 wks due to DS having a medical condition.
yvetteb81 responded:
2 painful weeks over...but i didnt do very much exercising then and gained heaps of weight...i am hoping with this pregnancy its the not wanna go 2 weeks over again..
mtlmayhem responded:
DS was born in the pm of his actual due date on the 13th...... my contractions started at 4ish pm the evening of the 12th!
JMomma1 responded:
my water broke the morning before DD, and i had him at 2 in the morning on my DD.
williamswifey responded:
My DS was born 4 days after his EDD. He was due on 4/3 and was born on 4/7 after 19 hours of labor and having my membranes stripped at an appointment on 4/6. He DID NOT want to come out. I hope and pray that I have an easier go this time.
Jacque72903 responded:
I had ds at 37 weeks. I had dialated to 4 and was so miserable I went in for a checkup and the doc sent me to the hospital. They gave me petocin to hurry things along and the doc broke my water. I probably could have gone another week or so, but at the time I couldn't stand how uncomfortable I was. Ds turned out fine though, so no worries!
terricody responded:
had dd at 38 weeks and my labor wasn't that long 4hrs and this is my longest labor of all pg's
FloralMom responded:
DS came the day before his due date.

DS I was induced a week early, but when I went in, I was already dialated 4cm... I probably wouldn't have made it the rest of that week.
FloralMom replied to FloralMom's response:
I should clarify... with DS#2 I was induced!
jmarsh81 responded:
With my 1st, he was exactly 1 mth early. My 2nd son was 5 wks early, 3rd son 3 wks early. We are expecting this one to be born around 36 wks.
ninis1656 responded:
My son was born 9 days past his "due date"
MtnPrincess responded:
DD was exactly at 41 weeks, but I had to be induced because they did a BPP and I had no amniotic fluid. At all. She ended up being a c/s, and it turned out I didn't go into labor because I had an infection in the placenta and it caused the correct hormones to not be released.

DS was born the day before his EDD. And since I never got past 4 cm during DD's induction, I was considered like a first time mom labor wise.
krissims responded:
DD was born at 38 and so was DS...hope this one comes at the same time

Me(25) DH(26) DD(6) DS(4) EDD 11-19-10

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