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Glucose test ?
mommyof3kiddos posted:
I am going in the morning for my glucose test. With my last three it was early in the morning and I didn't eat in the morning so I wouldn't have to worry about failing. Well tomorrow it's at 11am. The kids get up around 7am. I usually wake up quite hungry too. I am not sure I can hold out until after my test to eat anything. I don't remember the rules. Am I supposed to fast an hour before the test? I was thinking of getting up early - like 6am - and boiling a couple eggs. Those aren't high in sugar. I don't think so anyway. Then I won't eat anything until after the test.
risdiane responded:
Mine is scheduled for noon (in a couple of weeks) and the nurse told me to avoid sugar before the test. She actually said eggs are fine. Think no carbs!
KBratt responded:
I was told to fast before my test & my appt was at 2 pm...I don't have a job or other kids so I just had a snack at midnight then slept til 12:30, drank my stuff @ 1:10 & left for my dr...then I picked up something after LOL. I was pretty hungry by that point.

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bitesizehoney responded:
PP is right. If you have to eat, make sure it doesn't have any sugar in it and is low in carbs. GL.
mom2two0509 responded:
*lurking from PAL*

I'm a Med Tech, which means I actually perform the testing on blood samples. You should not have anything to eat for 8 hours before your test. You can have a bit of water, but that is it. That would be the reason why they ask if you have been fasting when you go in. The test is not accurate if you have eaten anything, including eggs. If you can't manage to go without eating then you should reschedule for earlier in the morning.
jessica5289 replied to mom2two0509's response:
I have heard it being done both ways. A friend of mine and I were just talking about this the other day. She says her midwife told her to eat this time but in previous pregnancies they told her to fast. I think it all depends on the doc. I would do what your doc tell you to do. If you have questions then call them and ask. It never hurts to give them a quick call. I hope you all have great tests and pass with flying colors.
beccadita80 responded:
When I had to do this test they said to not eat or drink anything for 8-12 hours before. I would suggest rescheduling your appointment for an earlier one. That way you can sleep through your non eating time. GL
mom2two0509 replied to jessica5289's response:
There are actually 2 tests that are routinely done. There is the glucose tolerance regularly thought of, where a baseline is drawn and another glucose drawn after drinking the 100gm glucose load. There's also a 2 hour post-prandial that some doctors like where a baseline is drawn, then a meal eaten and then a glucose drawn at 2 hours. Just remember that health professionals are people that make mistakes too and don't know everything so if something sounds not right, just speak up. You are paying them to take care of you properly :) If your body is already producing the insulin from digesting your meal, then the measurement of how well your body is coping with the glucose will be incorrect. But GL! That glucose is nasty. I do not recommend the orange, lol.
KSHoh responded:
Does everyone have to take this glucose test? If the stuff they make you drink is that horrible that is going to be a problem for me. I have a bad gag reflex to a few things and if its not right its not going down.
SunConure responded:
Yep everyone has to do them and the stuff you drink really is not that bad. I have had to do a 3 hour test before and the drink was like flat koolaid, if that makes any sense. It wasn't bad at all.
shanastash replied to SunConure's response:
no matter what flavor you get, it's just really sweet. i don't mind the "fruit punch" or even the "orange"...i guess there is a "cola" flavor and also some type of lemon lime too.

its like a koolaid like pp said, or a "crush soda" that is stale! but the plus side to it all...its COLD and you have to drink in 5 mins. Just let the docs/receptionist know that you have a gad reflex issue ...but if you don't keep it down, you have to do it all over again a different day.

bring a good book, read some mags that they have lying around...walk around...because even if you do the hour test...just sitting there is the worst part! :smile: but honestly, the drink isn't that bad.
JMomma1 responded:
when i tested, my dr said its fine to eat before, and the morning of i called the lab and they told me it was fine to eat before the test also. problem was i couldnt find anything i wanted, so i didnt eat and i passed.... 4yrs ago when i was pg with my son, i ate a corndog(yeah, sugar and carbs!) just before i went in and was borderline...i passed, but just barely. i think if i wouldnt have eaten that i really wouldve done better!

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