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Latest cravings & aversions
FloralMom posted:
So what are everyone's latest cravings and aversions?

I know that mine have changed! I'm back to LoViNg Chocolate again! But the thought of Spaghetti-o's and the like totally disgust me!!! I don't even want to open a can for my DS (and he loves it!)
LindzRenee responded:
Cantelope....mmmmm! I have to say that grilling last night made me nausous, but I think it was the smell of smoke that did it - or it could have been the roasted tomatoes. YUK.

Oh and 'dip' seems to be on my mind alot. I have to have it. I bought both French Onion and Dill because I wasn't sure which one I wanted more!
sarah0323 responded:
Peach anything. Peach pie shakes espically soooo good!

No real aversions yet for food. The smell of a dirty diaper now that's a whole other thing.
JessG711 replied to LindzRenee's response:
Strawberries have been a craving every since i found out i was preggo. I am also thinking of dip yummy i am driving my co-workers nuts b/c i keep talking about it with ruffle potato chips. Also cheeseburgers are a good fav right now to. Seafood is deff not on the menu for a while which stinks b/c with summer coming and living next to the cheseapeake bay with crab season coming is very sad. No MD Blue Crabs for me this summer :( Hopefully my taste buds will change again before then.
FloralMom replied to sarah0323's response:
Sarah - Baker's/Kroger's/Dillons has "Big K" soda that is peach and it is awesome!!! I got some and realized that I had no ice so I went to Sonic to get a cup of GOOD ice and I drank a 2 liter in 2 days and I'm not even a soda drinker!!!
FloralMom replied to FloralMom's response:
Lindz - Dip sounds super yummy lately too! The only problem... I can never REMEMBER it when I am at the store!
RJsMama responded:
Lately tomatoes with a little salt of them!!! And ice cream, I love ice cream!!!!
flutterbymama2be responded:
I LOVE diet rootbeer. Only A&W though. That has really been my only continuous craving. Most of the other ones come and go.

My aversions: Salad and cucumbers, and the smell of meat cooking. Ewww!
michelleloehr replied to flutterbymama2be's response:
no real adversions any more (at least not anything that i didn't already disliked prepregnancy) the only real craving is for crunchy things doesn't matter what it is as long as it crunches when i chew.
roni090909 responded:
I haven't really had cravings yet.

The only aversion I have had has been to Coke. But it seems to be over now. Thank goodness I love a good carbonated Coke.
Shauntrell responded:
Cravings are strawberries, watermelon, and pineapples. I also love to eat ice espically from sonic and all frozen drinks. Chocolate anything and last but not least celery sticks, broccoli, and carrots dipped in ranch dressing. O I forgot nachoes with all the fixing and pizza.

Aversions are eggs, sausage patties, popeye's chicken, hamburger meat, and pickles. Ewww, yuckie, nasty, uuuughghg
Jaylonsmama responded:
Fruit, strawberries, watermellon, cantelope, any fruit, oh man I can't wait for it to be fresh around here!
emyjo83 responded:
My aversions are still McDonalds and soda. My cravings have cut down though. It was Sonic slushes and once in a while its pasta but other than that, not too much.
Mrs_Plumley replied to Shauntrell's response:
Yeah, why are pregnant women rumored to love pickles, anyway? Once you've thrown them up, you never want them again.
scperdomo responded:
I'm totally lurking here (DS is 11 months next week!)

First off, congrats FloralMom!!!

When I was prego, I CRAVED watermelon! Towards the end I was waking up in the middle of the night and raiding the fridge. We had a farmers market nearby and watermelons were in season, we could buy 2 seedless melons for 5! It was awesome. And simply the best when it was really cold!

I also craved ice (the "good" kind, from Sonic... RaceTrack also had good ice) and around the the beginning of my second tri, I started craving Pepsi... but not just any Pepsi, it had to be fountain Pepsi... I had a 32oz every day. Before that I was an avid iced coffee addict, suddenly, an ice cold fountain drink sounded awesome and for the rest of my pregnancy I had to have one, ever day!

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