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Will you get an epidural during the birth?
Jacque72903 posted:
I know when I was on the boards the first time in 07 that most people were against them for one reason or another. I noticed on the QOTD post that some people mentioned whether they would or wouldn't. I was just curious how everyone felt about it.

For me, I will be getting it. I didn't plan to with ds cause my mom and sister were always telling me how bad it was and actually when I finally asked for it my dh had to ask them to leave the room cause they kept wanting to object. But after I got it and was laying there asleep my sister decided she wished she had gotten one with her 3 girls! LOL!
Jacque (30), DH (38), DS (2), EDD 11/12/2010, 2 fur babies, Lacy (6) & Carley (4) both Chocolate Labs!  
Jacque72903 responded:
I would like to add that I have all the respect in the world for the women who don't get it. I think it is awesome that you can do it, I just can't cause I am a big baby!
Jacque (30), DH (38), DS (2), EDD 11/12/2010, 2 fur babies, Lacy (6)
jenfur79 responded:
After the research I have done and the classes I have taken I have always chosen not to have an epidural. I love my decision and think it's the best decision for me and my babies. To each their own and everyone is different in their decisions to have one or not to have one. NO ONE should judge anyone ever for making a decision one way or the other. Each of us have our own level of comfort and the way we birth our babies is our own choice. I think it's great that we all have our own opinion and our own views. It's nice to see other peoples point of view.
Jennax907 responded:
I'm on the fence because I have had issues with epidurals where they don't work. I'm not sure if I should go through getting one and getting charged for one just for it not to work again? I'm a firm believer in epidurals. I think it's a great pain management technique-it's one of the only ways to get pain relief without affecting the baby. Epidurals don't cross the placenta but narcotics do. I actually had a friend who lectured me on receiving an epidural but she got a dose of Nubain???? I'm like at least my epidural didn't cross the placenta but your Nubain did! Like someone said on a previous board-you don't get a gold star for going all natural.
DH(38) ME(30) DS(Blaine-1) EDD-9/11 It's a GIRL
AbbeyCalvinMosesBoom responded:
At first I wanted to try to go natural - but since I am having twins the Dr. suggested that I do have an epidural in case one twin needs to be delivered via c-section. So natural went out the window, part of me (very small part) is kind of disappointed but then I am like WHATEVER - just get my girls out safe. :-)

jenfur79 replied to Jennax907's response:
Jenna I was curious about where you got your info that the epi doesn't cross the placenta? I am very interested in reading about that.
Chocolatemoca responded:
I've already talked to my OB about this because I have Cerbal Palsy I was asking him if I was going to have a C-section or if I was going to be able to go vaginally. He told me that just because I have Cerbal Palsy that I'm not automatically going to get a C-section, but that he will give me any and all meds that will make it possible for my to deliver vaginally. He said once I have the Epi. that I shouldn't feel too much in my hips or anything. He knows how tight my hip muscles are and whatnot, but he doesn't seem too concerned yet. He said we may even need to be imaginitve when it come to positions during the birth. My cerbal palsy affects my hips and legs.
Anne(34),DH(33) Due 12/05/10 w/our first LO hoping for a boy.
mtlmayhem responded:
Yep, I'll be a repeat epi patient this time around. I know my myself and what my body can handle.

Hopefully this time, he won't have to be paged 4 times! :-)
Andrea (32) DH (33) DS1 22 months old, my strong willed little Leo! DS2 due 09/21!!! There will be NOISE in my house of Boys!!!
MinGal responded:
I didn't get one with my son and so i've decided that i'm not going to get one with this one either. I did fine with out getting one last time and don't see any reason why i would this time.
bcfrost816 replied to MinGal's response:
I totally agree with jenfur on this one! It is completely a PERSONAL choice.....and no one can make that choice but you!! All that matters is you are ok with your decision, no matter what that decision is.

I personally will be getting an epi, I had one when I delivered my DD. Mine was not as great as I'd hoped, lol. It worked quite well, but I still felt a decent amount of my contractions, but I didn't feel a thing when I was pushing her out. For me, getting the epi wasn't a big deal either, it didn't hurt at all.

One thing I will say, is that everyone should keep an open mind and be flexible. We never know what will happen when we are in labor, and if you want natural but get an epi, dont' feel bad about that!! For me (and most women I know), I don't think any more highly of women who go natural. So, do it for yourself, not for other people to be impressed by you.
Courtney (28) DH (30) DD Peyton 17 months; baby girl EDD 9/26/10
michelleloehr replied to bcfrost816's response:
my plan is to have natural birth but this is my first so we will see what happens when the time comes. My older sister enjoys sharing her epi horror stories with me which might be swaying my decision right now.
Me, Michelle (26); DH, Matt (26); married 2004. TTC since early 2009, 1 m/c Jan 2010, one little girl due 11/9/10
tamliz08 responded:
When I was pregnant with my DD, I planned the entire time on having an epidural. When I actually went into labor, I couldn't get my husband to wake up to take me to the hospital, and by the time we finally arrived, I was ready to push, so no drugs for me. Honestly, it was so much easier (for lack of a better word) than I expected it to be. I'm glad I couldn't get the epidural, because I didn't really need it. I'm glad I know what it actually feels like to have a baby. For some reason it gave me a lot of confidence in my own body, like I can handle anything now! (Sorry, that was cheesy.)

I'm not against an epidural one bit. I'm going to try to go naturally again, but I will allow myself the help if I really feel like I need it.

In the end, it doesn't really matter. Someone that gives birth med-free isn't any tougher than someone that chooses an epidural. Labor sucks either way. Every woman feels some type of pain at some point during their pregnancy. We all suffer through the cramps, heartburn, ECP, and cervix checks just the same.

It's a shame they don't offer an epidural for breastfeeding, because I would totally take it. That to me hurt more than anything else! :)
DD-11/19/08 Baby Boy Due 9/1/10
lestersgirls replied to tamliz08's response:
I had an epidural with my first c-section. I had a spinal block with the second. Not sure what the difference it, but I had no problems the first time and the second time was a nightmare with the spinal block! I'll ask for the epi this time.
Steffanie (37) DH 30) DD1 8-14-03, DD2 4-12-05, M/C 6-17-08, EDD 10-12-10 Baby boy Kellan!
FloralMom responded:
I've done labor both with the epi (DS2) and without (DS1) and while I loved the strenght and powerful feeling that I had after giving birth naturally, but I also enjoyed the nap I took, the relief and lighthearted moment when I delivered DS2 without pain.

I know that they say that certain things effect baby and that epi's don't always go as planned... they don't take, your whole body goes numb, you can get horrible headaches afterwords, etc.

I think I will be prepared to do natural birth this time around and have an epi as my back up. I know I CAN do it, labor should (theoretically) be shorter my 3rd time around, so I'm prepared to handle it!
Amy (29) DH (30) - m/c in 12/05, DS1 11/06, DS2 8/14/09 to 8/17/09. MTHFR - Folbee Plus
roni090909 responded:
Most definetly. I don't care to endure that pain if I don't have too. With DS I had 3 hours of just pushing. I can't imagine doing it without one.
Me (30) DH (37) DS 10/20/08 New Baby Girl EDD 11/11

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