I have the most wonderful husband EVER!!!!!
BelleMorte08 posted:
So, DH & I were planning on spending the day at home playing video games that we had rented and just relaxing in the AC, or so I thought. About 5:30ish DH makes dinner, without being asked to, or me saying I'm hungry. Homemade (well sort of) manicotti, hand stuffed, hand rolled, and fresh mushroom sauce, with garlic bread sticks and corn. AMAZING. Then he decides we're going out, he has a surprise for me. So we ended up going to the local hot tub garden, since they have cool tubs for summer, and spent an hour there relaxing and talking. We get done there, and go to The Melting Pot (wonderful fondue for those that haven't been) for chocolate fondue desert. He brought me home, asked me to get undressed, and lay on the bed.... Now, I'm thinking he's trying to get on my good side so we'll DTD tonight, but apparently I was wrong. He got out his electric clippers, and clipped down there for me (over a towel), and got me all cleaned up, then curled up in bed and just cuddled. I felt bad, and started getting him turned on, and he said "No, not tonight. Tonight is about YOU." I have decided that I have the most amazing husband in the whole wide world, especially since I didn't ask him to do anything tonight. I was expecting leftovers and video games, and got WAY more than that.


Just thought I'd brag about how amazing my huband is, and how lucky I am.
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tdub089 responded:
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Aww I must agree you have the most amazing husband..He's such a sweetie. You are very lucky : )
NatashaT1 responded:
Aaaww! How sweet. That just makes my heart melt. How thoughtful of him! It's so great to have a wonderful husband, I have one of those. Not over the top like that lately........lol.
Amelia_WebMD_Staff responded:
That is so great!!! He sounds like a wonderful man and you two are lucky to have each other. :)
Best Wishes! Amelia
FloralMom responded:
That's awesome!!!

Friday night, I was having a rough day and was about to leave the house for the evening to go visit a friend who was in town, but it was so hot that all I wanted to wear were sandals and my toenails looked bad - the polish was all chippy. DH ran out to the car, got my purse that had my nailpolish in it and painted my toes! I didn't even have to ask!!! That's gotta be one of the sweetest things ever! :)
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