What's today craving?
FloralMom posted:
I want some cheescake from Cheescake Factory in the worst way right now... I know I won't get any, but a girl can dream can't she?
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MNMommy3 responded:
DS decided he wanted some dill pickle chips from the grocery store, so I got them. Well, I ended up eating MORE THAN half the bag!!! I didn't even know I liked the pickle flavor that much! LOL. I had to force myself to put them away, but they're still calling my name...
~ Kelly (31), DS (12), DS (5), EDD 01/09/11.
mamatobe08 responded:
It was Qdoba this morning, so I took DS and we went for lunch.
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roni090909 responded:
Thanks to Mamatobe I had to have chipotle for lunch
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MsMollyMac responded:
A Snickers and a Coke sounds wonderful!
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CarmenBreck responded:
Pizza and pickles! Not together though lol.
MRSKuhns responded:
Mine is Bananas I just asked my husband to get me some..lol
pooh4disney replied to MRSKuhns's response:
orange chicken from panda express and cheetos lol
newmommy301978 replied to pooh4disney's response:
oh I love orange chicken from panda that sounds so good unfortunately they don't have panda close to where I live it would be a two hour drive yummy I miss my panda:(
kamls73 responded:
An xlarge Lemon Slush from Richie's would really hit the spot right now!!!!
TraceLL responded:
a three cheese pizza lunchable!
MizzCoreta26 responded:
my craving for the past two weeks ( and I've been eating there almost three days a week) has been magic wok, sweet and sour chicken and an egg roll. I can't walk into a chinese buffet without gagging but have this craving lol.
amb_519 responded:
I want waffle fries and a secret sour cream sauce from a place back home....I won't be getting that until October...boo!

Fried rice with egg on top sounds sooo good right now, but I'm too lazy to make it ~

Cheetos and a pepsi sounds good now too....I think I'm hungry hehe
abbygailsmom1 responded:
I want some mashed potatos with butter and salt. Yummo!
jadedstar responded:

My mom's homemade potato soup. its perfect i have been so sick lately and nothing has been good let alone great. well my mom made a huge pot last night and when i got of work i ate some for supper it was so good and i didnt get sick. well i had it for breakfast this morning and i went home at lunch and ate another bowl yes i may get tired of it eventually but today I am glad i could eat and not get sick and it is was sooo good Thanks Mommy
~JadedStar 32~DD 6~EDD 1/20/2011~Single mom and I like it that way~