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Tell me I'm about to pop one more time...
TraceLL posted:
I have a few grievances:

Why do people who haven't EVER been pregnant (or it's been more than 20 years since they were) insist they know when your baby is coming? Are you a medical professional? No. Do you have x-ray vision and can see how much my baby has developed? No.So please keep your thoughts to yourself. Thank you.

If my mother or any other person in this world tells me I look like I'm about to pop, I will hit them. If I was just fat, you wouldn't say that.

I am NOT having twins. I have had 3 u/s, there is only one.

Why do you think you can touch my belly? This is still my body. Just because I am growing another human does not mean you have the right to touch it. If I wasn't pregnant, you wouldn't do that.

If you continue to stare at my belly, I might punch you in the face.

Ok, I feel better now. =)
jenfur79 responded:
Ditto! OMG Seriously! The twins thing I got all the time with DS and the about to pop comment. Just to be rude back I have always wanted to say, well looks like im not the only one about to pop and then look down at their belly! lol
Me(30)DH(34)DD(10)DS(2)EDD 12/28/2010-Pink Team!
nnegron1 responded:
The next time someone touches your belly, reach over and put your hand on their belly and just stare at them. If they become uncomfortable, tell them, "don't like it either, do you?".
TraceLL replied to nnegron1's response:
That is hilarious!! I will definitely have to do that!
tru03 replied to TraceLL's response:
You should totally do that! ..... not many know i'm prego but someone told me i was getting fight ....I said " um... no i'm not your eyes are just fat" lol.... I know totally dumb but it made me laugh.
An_216999 responded:
I just step back quickly and exclaim "Careful! He bites!!" People generally think I am crazy and leave me alone when I do that.

Luckily people haven't made any of the stupid comments yet, I think the people who know me know it's not smart. I have a fairly quick wit and I tell it like it is. Most people avoid the truth when they can.

Wow, I sound mean. I'm not really, I just have a very low tolerance for stupidity, and people who choose not to use their common sense.
MRSKuhns responded:
Amen!!! That all I have to say :) !!!!
MRSKuhns replied to nnegron1's response:
Thats great!
redmom23 responded:
"You look like you're about to pop!"
"I sure am! I'm about to pop you in the eye!"
Me(32)DH(32)DD(7)DD(5)DS(3)new l.o. edd1/1/11
kamls73 responded:
Trace, I feel ya...... I get the opposite comments though. I'm 22wks, haven't gained any weight & I am fat.......I don't get the POPPED comments, mine are - wow, you're how far, you're not big at all but your chest is huge!!! I'm all baby & yes I'm huge (in my mind) - so back off! hehehe, my nephew is the biggest culprit of them all! and YES I have popped him for it!
me - Kerri (36), DH - John (38), DD - Mikaela (5-1/2), DS due 11/30/10

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