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    Glucose test, yuck!
    JessHeath posted:
    Bottoms up! Just finished my icky orange tang-like flat sugar like substance for my test! Yucky! Now 45 minutes till I get a needle-stick! Who came up with this test anyway?
    Wendy12345678 responded:
    ugh, glad you got it over with. this is my 3rd baby and I have yet to have to do it. To me that is probably the worste part of pregnancy. I have never been so sick in my life, not even with scarlet fever or mono! Nearly passed out trying not to puke. good for you, your a trooper lol!
    kay_kay75 responded:
    UGH!!!!! I am hoping to pass the 1 hour test so I don't have to take the longer test, I did this when I was younger because the doctor was freaked out that my Dad had diabetes and wanted to check me, I have never been so sick and now hate orange soda. Hopefully I can keep it down if I have to do it, about 7 weeks until I have to take it if needed.
    MsMollyMac responded:
    I'm not looking forward to taking that test, yuck!
    Me: 26, DH: 30, DD: 3, new little one due 1-3-11
    ShanunC responded:
    when I was preggers with DD and on these boards one women was like.. Oh I got a grape flavored one and someone else had a different floavor.. I got stuck with ORANGE and I hate anything lemon lime or ORANGE.. everyone said oh put it in the fridge and when its time just chug it.. I started to then it came back up.. i had to keep taking little sips and swallow a lot in between.. it seriously is one of the worst parts of preggers.. Ive had horrible aversions to drinks and food and awful nausea this time.. Im really hoping I can get it down when its time.. UGHHHH SOOOOO GROSS...
    MsMollyMac replied to ShanunC's response:
    My dr only had the orange kind as well, I'm hoping he has different options this time. I didn't get sick last time, but I am a lot more nauseous this time so I am really hoping I don't get sick.
    Me: 26, DH: 30, DD: 3, new little one due 1-3-11
    Mena75 responded:
    Had mine today as well. It made me feel awful. The good thing is my appt was in between the wait. Made it go by faster.
    ~Malina (35) Dh (38) two DS's 13 and 5 ~~~ Pink team!!! Isabella Kahlan EDD 11/23/10~
    MRSKuhns responded:
    When do they do this test???? Sounds gross!
    Me (22), DH (25), LO on the way Jan.2011
    Mena75 replied to MRSKuhns's response:
    I had the orange, kind of tasted like orange soda. Of course it doesn't help that I hate orange drinks. lol
    I think my dr told me between 25 and 28 weeks. I saw his midwife last appt and she scheduled my test. When I saw him today he almost wrote out another one. I told him I was in the midst of one already. No more for me, as long as I pass this
    ~Malina (35) Dh (38) two DS's 13 and 5 ~~~ Pink team!!! Isabella Kahlan EDD 11/23/10~
    Korin81 responded:
    I had to do mine early cause I had GD last pregnancy. I had the flavor that tasted like flat sprite, but I think it is much better tasting than the orange one. I have not recieved a call yet saying I failed so I may be good to go or they may just have me repeat the test at 26 weeks, we shall see!
    DS (23 Months) EDD 1/11/11

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