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kay_kay75 posted:
Ok ladies I need an opinion, my DF and I are wanting to take a class, there is one local hospital that offers a class for a full day on Saturday then we don't have to worry about getting there after work and traffic and all of that.

My questions are this, when do you generally take the class and do you need to take the class at the hospital that you are going to deliver in or can you take it at any hospital and still get use from it?

Thank you!!!
MRSKuhns responded:
My husband and I are going to start ours next week, i will be 18 weeks, and we are taking it at a different hospital then the one I am delivering. You guys should be fine :) How far along are you?
Me (22), DH (25), LO on the way Jan.2011
MNMommy3 responded:
I have thought about taking a class this time around, more for DB's sake lol. I've had 2 boys and know what to expect, and my mom was in the room for both of those deliveries. However, this is the first time for DB, so it's all new to him. He's really excited about the whole process - then I showed him pictures in this pregnancy magazine I have LOL. Oh the look on his face was to die for!! That's when I thought maybe he needs a little more preparation for labor and delivery. I think you can take the classes at any hospital. I don't think that there is a time frame in which they should be taken, but I would guess somewhere in at least 2nd tri or later. You could always call your local hospital or ask your OB. I'm sure they would have all that info.
~ Kelly (31), DB (30), DS (12), DS (5), EDD 01/09/11.
Korin81 responded:
I def would recommend at least one class. Last time I did the half day Sat one and it was all the phases of labor then a tour of L&D. It was a pretty good class, we really enjoyed it. They even showed a live birth which I thought DH would freak out about but he did very well and it was very informative!
DS (23 Months) EDD 1/11/11
excited_4_baby responded:
Are you all talking lamaze (sp?) classes? I've thought about taking one. But curious (because this is my first pg), will I use the breathing and all that stuff? I know I plan on getting the epidurel (sp? again...LOL). Since I've never been through this I don't know how intense it all gets before you can get it done or if I'll need it after the meds start working even?? Geeeeez - I sound like such a rookie!!! What do you all think?
Me (32); DH (32); 1 fur-baby - Leo; new LO EDD 1/15/11
ShanunC replied to excited_4_baby's response:
Excited 4 baby- I took a class thinkin it covered Lamaze as well as all the other good stuff cuz thats what the class description said.. turns out we spent 10 minutes of every class working on breathing.. it was awful.. however there were no lamaze classes offered in my area..
I suggest finding a good lamaze class.. even if your having the epidural.. its really good stuff to know..
I had sat at 3cms with DD for almost 2.5 months before she came.. when it was time for labor.. it took me 4 hours to get to stinkin 4cms (which is when they give the epi) they had given me pitocin to get me moving and boy let me tell you I was so glad my mom and MIL were there with all there breathing techniques because turns out Im a total wimp in the pain department..
It was really helpful for them to show me stuff and it did help.. not with the pain but somehow it just helped me mellow and ride it out until I got the epi.. DEF suggest it
sweetbaby82 replied to excited_4_baby's response:
I just took a full day class last weekend at 34 weeks. I took it at the hospital where I will be delivering. Whether you are getting an epidural or not I would recommend it for first time moms, they went over things like c section, labor positions, emergency procedures as well as the breathing. I know there are private places that offer classes too, those tend to be a couple months long and more money. I took the breastfeeding class at my hospital too which had some good info.
Baby Boy Due 9/18/10
roni090909 responded:
I would take it where you deliver. They generally give you a hospital tour sometime during the class. I took this class with DS and they recommended taking it by 32 weeks, just incase you go into labor early.
Me (30) DH (37) DS 10/20/08 New Baby Girl EDD 11/11

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