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OT: Harry Potter
myboys79 posted:
Ok, so I have had a very stressful work day today and need to just get my mind off of things! So I thought I would just start a fun discussion. Are there anyother Harry Potter mommies out there?

I'll admit that DH and I are huge nerds and just LOVE the Harry Potter series. We have read the books and watched the movies multiple times. I read the last book again this summer in anticipation for the's bad:) Anyway, so we already have our tickets and a babysitter lined up for Friday night to see the first part of Deathly Hallows. I can't wait!!

So, any other nerds like me out there? :) Hee Hee!!
Angie (31) DH (32) DS1 (6) DS2 (2) Baby Girl Due 2/27/11!!
bgabert responded:
You are certainly not alone. I tried to get into the books.. but it was after I had already seen 2 of the movies. I should really try again since I am an avid reader and the books are ALWAYS better than the movies.

But, I am so excited to see part 1 of Deathly Hallows! DH thinks I am nuts and refuses to go with me, so I have a date with my 17 year old brother! LOL
Bri (24), Jarrod (28), DD Emery, (6/15/2009), Baby 2 - EDD (2/13/2011) Go BLUE Team!!
myboys79 replied to bgabert's response:
I actually didn't like the first two movies that much. The books are much better so if you get a chance I would for sure check them out. Plus they are very short so it shouldn't take long.

My favorite out of all the movies is the 3rd, Prisoner of Azkaban. DH and I were both a little disappointed with Half Blood Prince so we are really hopeing Deathly Hallows is better!!

Have fun with your brother! :)
Angie (31) DH (32) DS1 (6) DS2 (2) Baby Girl Due 2/27/11!!
bgabert replied to myboys79's response:
By the look of the previews, it will be AWESOME!!

I feel like such a nerd, but oh well. I also read all the Twilight series and went to the movies as well. I love being the oldest one in the theatre, hahaha!
Bri (24), Jarrod (28), DD Emery, (6/15/2009), Baby 2 - EDD (2/13/2011) Go BLUE Team!!
ebonyeye responded:
DH, DD and I are huge fans of the movies. We've seen them all countless times and are also excited and anxious to see the new Harry Potter. You are not alone lol
Tee(31)~DD(11)~EDD for DD2(2/26/11)
rosecole responded:
I too am a HP nerd. I love the books!! In fact I have all the books on tape and listen to them at work as "background music"! I'm currently listening to Goblet of Fire.

DH and I are planning on going to the movie, but we are just not sure when we should go. I am the opposite of you. I really only like the first two movies and have not been happy with the rest. They keep saying that these last two are going to be very close to the book. I hope they are right then I will actually like it!

I am also a Twilight Fan! I must admit that after reading HP it makes Twilight look like a toddlers book. IMO I think JK is a much much better writer.
Nicole(29) DH Nate(29) DS Luke(4) DS Alex(2) Boston Terrier Jack(5) Baby 3 EDD 3/21/2010 YELLOW TEAM!
camnfaithsmom replied to rosecole's response:
OMG!!! I am totally a HP Nerd and I MUST agree with pp. The books are 100 times better than the movies!! Who ever hasn't read the books please do they are phenomanol!!!! My 10 year old son loves the series to, my SO no way!!!! Glad to see other mommies are into it too!!
Me-27, SO-28, Cameron-10, Faith-3, Serenity-1, Lil one due 4/10/11
myboys79 replied to rosecole's response:
I love Twilight too! I agree though that the HP book are written much better.
Angie (31) DH (32) DS1 (6) DS2 (2) Baby Girl Due 2/27/11!!
myboys79 replied to camnfaithsmom's response:
I can't wait until my oldest DS can read because I know he would really love these books. DH has already read the first book to him and he has watched the first 4 movies.
Angie (31) DH (32) DS1 (6) DS2 (2) Baby Girl Due 2/27/11!!

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