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    Thanksgiving Cravings :)
    Amelia_WebMD_Staff posted:
    Thanksgiving is only a week away!?! Most of us are looking forward to spending time with family as well as eating that delicious traditional feast!

    What are your pregnant tastebuds already craving the most for Thanksgiving Dinner?

    Is there anything new that you have never enjoyed in the past, but can't wait to try?

    It will be interesting to see what your body is longing for as far as tastes and nutritional purposes are concerned this year for Thanksgiving! :)

    Best Wishes!
    cmc2009 responded:
    I am just excited for everything. Thanksgiving dinners are always wonderful :)
    Me(25) DH(27) BFP-8/30/10 EDD-5/5/11. We will find out boy or girl on 12/8!!!
    sarahgrl responded:
    I told my mom two months ago that I wanted my favorite squash casserole (people always say "yuck! squash?"...but it's SO good and rich....*drool*). We didn't have it last year because I had just had a big surgery and was about to have another and my mom thought it was too much for me to take. That just goes to show how fattening it is :p lol

    I don't think I've ever had something at Thanksgiving I haven't liked though, just some things go over better than others (unless my MIL is cooking then I'll just stick to the dessert table, which I don't have to worry about this year because we're not going to their house for thanksgiving.)
    Me (28) DH (28) DD1 (2) New LO Joining the PINK team!! DD2 EDD 2/19/2011
    camnfaithsmom responded:
    I am totally craving leftover turkey to make sandwiches with slathered in mayo!!! Oh my gosh I'm drooling thinking about it!!!
    Me-27, SO-28, Cameron-10, Faith-3, Serenity-1, Lil one due 4/10/11
    reb_hun replied to camnfaithsmom's response:
    i can't wait until i get some green bean casserole!!!!!! I want it right now!!! and some turkey too i guess. :P it all sounds so good but i hate stuffing/dressing it's always seemed gross to me, it's soggy bread. :( turkey sandwiches do sound good don't they, with mayo, tomato, and lettuce, yumm!!
    camnfaithsmom replied to reb_hun's response:
    And if you add plain potato chips and salt and pepper!!! Perfecto!!!
    Me-27, SO-28, Cameron-10, Faith-3, Serenity-1, Lil one due 4/10/11
    leeg18 replied to camnfaithsmom's response:

    cornbread stuffing
    butternut squash souffle
    turkey with a huuuuge dollop or cranberry sauce
    krazykatt707 replied to leeg18's response:
    I busted out a can of cranberry sauce the other day and ate it with some pickles! lol! But a turkey sandwich with some mayo and cranberry sauce sounds so good! That and some "creamed turkey" over mashed potatoes. YUM! Ya'll are making me hungry now.
    Rachel(26),Scott(27),Jon Roland(4),Kira Elizabeth(due 2-6-11)
    latsyrc10 replied to krazykatt707's response:
    I can't believe no one has mentioned PIE! Hello?! haha...pumpkin pie, and pecan pie are my favorites..with lots of whip cream/cool whip on it...
    Me: 30, DH: 31, First (Girl) Due 3/29/11
    leeg18 replied to krazykatt707's response:
    Rachel what is creamed turkey? im dying to know how to make it it sounds so good!
    -Lee (25) DH (28) m/c 11/6/09 expecting our first little surprise on 4/29/11
    krazykatt707 replied to leeg18's response:
    oh my gosh.... creamed turkey is like a party in your mouth! lol! basically all you do is cut the turkey off the bone, chop it up into smaller pieces and mix it with the leftover turkey gravy and pour it over mashed potatoes. Delish!
    Rachel(26),Scott(27),Jon Roland(4),Kira Elizabeth(due 2-6-11)
    mamathoma replied to krazykatt707's response:
    Yummm, you guys are making me hungry. I cant wait for Thanksgiving!
    Me 28, Dh 29, DD-9, DS-6, DS-2 EDD 11/28 Another BOY!
    Sprock responded:
    Stove Top Stuffing is what I'm looking forward to most.

    This year I'm going to try a new recipe "Carmel Apple Salad".

    I hope everybody has a wonderful holiday!
    wichelmana replied to Sprock's response:
    Oh god, everything that's on our Thanksgiving menu sounds AMAZING at this point. Especially since I'm finally getting over my M/S!!!

    I'm making artichoke and cheese stuffed mushrooms to bring to my family's get-together. I read the recipe on and was immediately drooling! lol.
    osamuel08 replied to camnfaithsmom's response:
    I am so with you, in fact I've been roasting a turkey breast once a week just for sandwiches the entire pregnancy. Like you said on good bread, with mayo, and salt and pepper. It totally hits the spot!!

    I also love the turnips my MIL makes, they are like mashed potatoes but SO much better. My husband makes and awesome bread, the boys call it "home bread". You actually make it in an Le Cruset pot, if you like crusty rustic bread look online for it just using those key words. We found the recipe in the NY Times and it is a staple in our house.

    Now if a genie would just come and clean my home, keep the kids in line, set-up and clean-up I would be in heaven!!
    Jen (34) DH (34) DS (5) DS (2) EDD 4/7/11

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