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    Finally picked a name
    kygirl82 posted:
    Took three weeks of searching and discussing befor DH and I finally decided on a name for baby boy. Finley Keagan!! All of our friends loved it and majority of the family too. Except for DH dad and step-mom. They immediately assume it has something to do with DH mother's family. He tried to explain that this baby isn't named after anyone because we couldn't agree on a family/friend name combo for him. It's just very aggravating to hear someone talk down the name you picked when everyone else adores it. I know that it will grow on them and they will like it in the end, but it just irritated me over the holiday.

    On a side note, i get to have another look at Finley this Friday at the dr. appt because he was being difficult last time and they couldn't get a good look at his heart or face bc of how he was laying. I also get to do the lovely glucose test. Hope i don't fail it bc i do not want to do the 3 hour test.
    Me(27) DH (28) DS (4), LO EDD:03/17/2010 Blue Team!!! I'm going to be outnumbered.
    camnfaithsmom responded:
    Congrats on finding a name!!! I'm still trying to decide. However me and my SO are still battling!!LOL When I have my heart set on one he doesn't like it and vice versa. The only name we agreed on was a boy name and I don't totally love it but I guess we have to compromise a little. Anywho, I wouldn't care what anyone else thought about the name. I have caught a little grief over the boy name we chose but my thought is this, we are the little bean's parents and I am carrying this little one for 9 months to heck with them if they don't approve!! Sorry hormones got me there for a min. But seriously if you have your DH like I wouldn't let it get me down if others didn't. You can't please everyone!

    Good luck with getting to see your little one again Friday. I get to finally find out what my little one is on Thursday!! How exciting!! And best wishes with the glucose test!! I'll cross my fingers you pass!!
    Me-27, SO-28, Cameron-10, Faith-3, Serenity-1, Lil one due 4/10/11
    mindy48875 responded:
    Oh how exciting! I'm so jealous! DH and I are having such a hard time thinking of a boy's name. He mentioned the name Abel the other day (he's a big sons of anarchy fan) and I didn't completely hate it...but I'm not in love with it either. I think we are set on the girl's name though...but who knows. That's awesome you get to see your baby boy again on Friday! I find out on Dec 30th.....that's a big IF. We don't know if we want to find out the sex yet either....
    Me(28)(DH(28) DS(2) via unnecesarian DS(1)VBAC! and the 3rd on the way! VBAC hopeful again!
    kygirl82 replied to mindy48875's response:
    Well good luck on finding out your baby's sex. We had a girls name picked out that we both agreed on but of course it had to be difficult and be a boy. I never knew it was so challenging to find a name.
    Me(27) DH (28) DS (4), LO EDD:03/17/2010 Blue Team!!! I'm going to be outnumbered.
    mendezwife responded:
    Hello to everyone,
    I will join this board in one week! & I will find out my babys gender sometime in Jan I'm thinking. Husband & I just heard the heartbeat yesterday at 12 wks.! So exciting!

    The reason I responded to this post is bc we just picked names the other day! Eventhough we dont know the sex yet...we have names picked out. One for a boy & girl. We too couldn't agree on a name for a girl...I liked one, but he didn't & so we used the name I liked as a middle name & picked another name (after my grandmother, but hubby likes the name too)
    So I understand how frustrating it is name picking.....u want your baby to like his/her name their whole life & so on....nothing too crazy or hard to say or spell.

    Good luck to all! Any June due date ladies?
    MAllen81 replied to mendezwife's response:
    I'm due June 5! I'm 13 weeks right now. This will be our 3 DC and our last. We pretty much had names picked out from the get go. Our girl name is Claire Elizabeth...been our girl name since our first DC - needless to say, we have 2 boys! Our boy name is Miles Kenneth. We also will find out what we're having in January!

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