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Welcome mommies from 1st Trimester Community (BFP to 13weeks). Your final stop is the 3rd Trimester Community (28w to 40w). Yay!
OMG Hi ladies!
ebonyeye posted:
Its been a long time since I've logged in. I hope all of you ladies had a joyous Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays to come.
I had my monthly check up today and baby and I are doing just fine. But why does my doctors office have the wrong due date down STILL? The nurse told me I was 26 weeks and some odd days, and I told her NO according to my ultrasound from the Perinatologist office Im at 27w5d. Anywho, then they want me to come back for my Rhogam (sp?) shot next week, I was suppose to get it done today but they forgot to give me the prescription for it at my last appointment. This is why I hate the fact that we have to see all of the doctors in the practice, there is always something that gets screwed up. Have any of you had to go out to the pharmacy to pick up the seringe and medicine for your own shot? I was shocked, wondered why they didn't have this in the office. Needless-to-say, I will also be moving up it was so nice chatting with you all, will definitely see you soon in the 3rd Tri...well some of you
Tee(31)~DD(11)~EDD for DD2(2/26/11)
camnfaithsmom responded:
I have never heard of having to get your own supplies for your shots however I never had to have the Rhogam. I wish you the best and will see you on the 3rd tri soon!! Good luck and best wishes.
Me-27, SO-28, Cameron-10, Faith-3, Serenity-1, Lil one due 4/10/11
rangerchick responded:
I have to go to the hospital to get the rhogam shot because my ob does not do any shots in her office but I never had to go get the supplies for it, and I have had it a lot.
latsyrc10 responded:
Yes....I had to actually drive to a hospital pharmacy, pick up my Rhogam shot, then drive it back to my OB office the same day and have them give me the shot also got the Rhogam at 9 weeks, and again last week at 23 weeks, and will prob have to get it again towards the very end of my pregnancy, bc it wears out after 12 weeks, and due to me having ongoing spotting, they are concerned my blood may be mixing with baby's b/c they can't find the cause of the bleeding. Kind of annoying to run back and forth like that. I also asked the pharmacy if their Rhogam was mercury-free AKA "preservative-free" and they told me it was, which was a relief to me because I had read about another lady refusing rhogam due to mercury, but they said it didn't have any in it...
Me: 30, DH: 31, First (Girl) Due 3/29/11
ebonyeye responded:
Thanks camnfaithsmom see ya soon!
I thought it was weird too, why cant they order it and charge it to my insurance? Or send me to someone that has it, so that I dont have to pay out of pocket... but hey, Im going to do what they tell me to
Tee(31)~DD(11)~EDD for DD2(2/26/11)
Amelia_WebMD_Staff replied to ebonyeye's response:
That is very strange! Thanks for checking in before your graduation! Congratulations and take care Tee!!!
Best Wishes! Amelia

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