maternity pants finally!
mindy48875 posted:
Alrighty! I broke out my maternity pants yesterday. I was getting to tired of using the rubber band trick on all my pants so I said 'hell with it'! They are still a little bit baggy on me (but not for much longer) - however - they are SO much more comfy! it!
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mendezwife responded:
I'm right there w ya! I got 2 pairs a cpl weeks ago! Im 13 wks. Rubber bands & hair ties are just annoying & I felt they were going to snap everytime I sat down.
At least they look better than years ago!
Good luck!
wmatto83 responded:
I just bought my first maternity outfit yesterday!! I am still in my regular jeans but they are getting a little uncomfortable.
Sigma3rc74 responded:
I stayed in my pre-pregnancy clothes as long as I possibly could! I used a Be Band and wore my "regular" jeans even when I couldn't zip them even a little! I couldn't dream of getting them on now, but I still am not crazy about the maternity pants. They are just too baggy in the legs and behind! BUT, I do like the elastic waist - that is way more comfortable!!
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