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    Any moms working from home?
    mendezwife posted:
    I just started my 2nd trimester....& I work full time in retail cosmetics...& I hate it. The hours wear me out & I'm so tired of dealing with rude customers.
    Just wanted to know if any moms work from home for a real company & make decent money. I'm not looking to make a lot, just a lil for spending money till baby comes in June. Then I won't be working.
    Any tips would be great!
    Sigma3rc74 responded:
    I work for a company that has flex time and allows us to work from home when we need - within reason. I work from home on the days of my Dr appointments and will probably take 2 full weeks off when I'm due and then will work from home 3 days a week and only go into the office 1-2 days a week after that.
    We have had several sales positions posted around the country that are home based, but require travel to local events. if you're interested. It's not a sit at home and work all day type of job, but certainly has more flexibility than retail . . .
    Good luck!
    Rayna (36), DF (35), EDD 3/19/2011 Pink Team!
    mendezwife replied to Sigma3rc74's response:
    Thanks...I'll check it out. What type of work is it?
    mendezwife replied to Sigma3rc74's response:
    I checked the site out & there isn't anything avai for the state of MD where I am. Thanks alot for the info!

    If anyone else out there has any ideas please respond!
    osamuel08 replied to mendezwife's response:
    This is likely more than what you are looking for but I wanted throw it out there since you reside in MD. I live in WV (used to live in MD), work in DC for the fed govt two days a week and from home the other three. It is a full time job but I am able to be at home the vast majority of the time with my boys. The fed govt is actually required to have a certain number of employees who telecommute. They supply my equipment and being full time I still enjoy the amazing health, retirement, leave, and maternity benefits they offer. I've been doing it for five years.
    If you (or anyone else) are interested check out and check your local area.
    Other than that I have two friends who now sell 31 purses and they seem to like it and do well. The web site is .
    I also have a few legitimate work from home websites that are not regular work but "per job" type arrangements that I've collected over the years in the event the fed job no longer works for our family. When I get home I will send those over. They are more along the lines of reading about a particluar court case and giving your feedback if you were a juror (attorneys often go this route before trial to get a feel for what the outcome might be). Another is becoming a virtual assistant. Also there are sites that you can find that match your skill set with a person/company hiring for a particular project. You then bid the amount you are willing to get paid for the project. Again these are all legit because I've vetted them in the past as an alternative to the set up we have going now.
    That is all I can think of being away from my desk but I hope it helps. I'll send you those later tonight.
    Jen (34) DH (34) DS (5) DS (2) Blue Team 4/7/11
    mendezwife replied to osamuel08's response:
    Thank you & I will check them all out! I appreciate it!
    osamuel08 replied to mendezwife's response:
    So sorry Mendezwife! I came home to a sick house and we are ALL recovering now. Here are the links I promised you days ago:

    Personal Assistant work:

    Freelance work: , ,

    Outsourced Call Centers: , ,

    Another few misc sites: , ,

    Good luck and I hope you find something that works for you and your family :)
    Jen (34) DH (34) DS (5) DS (2) Blue Team 4/7/11
    alb7585 replied to osamuel08's response:
    I am a medical coder and I am getting ready to go work from home after working in the office for the last six months. I have quotas to meet and have to go to the office periodically. Its sooo much better than dealing with people on a regulas basis
    osamuel08 replied to alb7585's response:
    How do you like it? I know I appreciate not dealing with the masses mysekf. Codng requires special training, no? If my preggo memory serves me, I've looked into it in the past and it seemed as if the normal steps were education (usually a two year stint), certification, work in office then usually an agreement to work from home. Is that how it worked for you? I am not tied to my career choice, it was more a choice of what career would allow me to be at home with my kids. And that is how I still feel about it today.
    For me personally, pursuing more education (I am a college grad) while still having to work and have little ones not yet in school seems overwhelming. If that is the case I will muddle through with the fed job until I have them all in school before attempting more schooling myself.
    Jen (34) DH (34) DS (5) DS (2) Blue Team 4/7/11

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