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16 weeks and now nausea?
loveunderstars15 posted:
I am about 16 weeks and I am now experiencing nausea. I can't keep anything down for a long enough period of time. My gag reflex is killing me and different smells make me sick. Is this normal?!
melissah210 responded:
I personally have experienced that on my 1st trimester . But everyone is different and it is normal to experience nausea and such..

But if you are vomiting alot you can ask for some nausea pills (zofran) and if you are as bad as i was they would have to give me fluids from being so dehyrated from vomiting my guts out, They also put me on some potassium pills cause of the constant vomiting.

Just speak to your ob.. But in the mean time try to drink as much water, eat in small portions, and crackers.. Good luck.
crispy_critty responded:
I'm 20 weeks pregnant and I'm still having nausea and vomiting myself. But with my first three children it stopped after the first trimmester. As far as certain smells turning your stomach, that happened to me with all 4 of my pregnancies. When you're pregnant, your nose is a lot more sensitive to smells and certain ones can make you feel all quesy. They put me on Phenergan because I was losing weight from it. Pretty much, every woman is different and every pregnancy is different. If it's causing a lot of discomfort, call your OB and ask if she can prescribe something to help. Best of luck to you! :)
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Sprock responded:
This is my fourth pregnancy and I still gag when brushing my teeth at 27 weeks along. I could not believe it when I threw up last weekend from eating an orange on an empty stomach. All this stomach stuff had ended in the first trimester with the other 3 pregnancies. It's strange how different each pregnancy can be from one another. I also get car sick now unless I'm driving.

This time around my morning sickness left around 18 weeks so hopefully you'll be the same. I found eating soda crackers settles your stomach and not letting your stomach get completely empty will help with the nausea.

I hope you feel better soon.
MadlyMaggieMae replied to Sprock's response:
Not letting your stomach get empty is the big one for me. I still get nauseous at 24 wks if i let my stomach get empty. First thing in the morning is the worst until I eat breakfast.

Hope you feel better!!
EyzaatheBelle replied to MadlyMaggieMae's response:
I am the same way so now I have graham crackers and saltines next to my bed so I can eat a few before I even get out of bed. Works great!

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