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    Sleeping on your stomach...
    TMC31 posted:
    Hello Ladies...You would think I would remember considering I have a daughter who is 2 years old. At what week did it seem awkward to sleep on your stomach?
    MAllen81 responded:
    I have 2 kids already and don't really remember! I'm 18 weeks now and can still comfortably sleep on my stomach though.
    elenasmommie responded:
    I think you can sleep on your stomach as long as its comfortable for you. I remember with my first I was so scared to sleep anyway other than on the left side like "they" tell you to. With this one, I'm sleeping however I can get to sleep!
    reb_hun replied to elenasmommie's response:
    anything but your back after you're like 3 to 4 months, i just read something last night that says that your uterus is now heavy enough to cut off blood supply to the baby. this is what i found:
    Stay off your back after the fourth month: Your now over-sized uterus weighs enough that when lying on your back, it can depress the vena cava, which reduces the amount of blood flow and oxygen to your baby. Not surprisingly, many women find that they become dizzy or light-headed if they lie on their backs at this point in their pregnancy.
    wmatto83 responded:
    I am 16 weeks and I have sleep on my stomach for about 2 weeks now it just hasn't been comfortable for me.
    ME (27) DH (38) Two Fury Friends (both 4) EDD 6/17/2011!!
    TMC31 replied to wmatto83's response:
    thanks's just weird b/c with my first daughter, I don't remember it taking this long to not sleep on my stomach. I am 17 wks-18 on friday and My stomach is still not solid yet. I'm very short (4' 10") and I have a small torso. My uterus is shy of my belly button. I guess I have a little bit more fat there then I did with my first baby (lol). Some times I think I've felt my "quickening"...then often times, I'm like-nope that was just gas or something. Have all of you felt your baby already? I get my u/s friday to find out what I'm having and I'm SO excited to finally see-it felt like forever since 9 weeks. I just want to make sure all is well.
    reb_hun replied to TMC31's response:
    omg!!! you're just as tall as i am :P. i've been the same way, i've thought i felt the baby move but i'm not sure, they said my placenta is in the front so the baby has to kick really hard for me to feel it. it's making me want to cry because i've always thought that i'd feel the baby move earlier on because i've already had a baby. i keep thinking it's the baby but then i feel my heartbeat so i'm not sure if it's baby kicking to the beat or it's just my heartbeat. :( i get to go find out what i'm having on thursday, i can't wait!!!!!! i will be 20 weeks tomorrow :) :) :) aaaaaaahhhhhhhh. i'm due on may 25th, how about you? and my daughter will be 2 around the same time this little one is born; june 4th.
    TMC31 replied to reb_hun's response:
    I'm due on June 10th; however, they are already talking about scheduling a c-section for me prob the week before or the end of May due to me having large babies and me being so tiny. My daughter turned 2 on October 9th-she was a little over 8lbs. and 21 inches long. A ham! Do you want a boy this time around? I know we do--so I have my fingers, eyes, and toes crossed :) I pray for a healthy baby (with testicles hahaha) :)
    Amelia_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Okay, so I will be the odd lady out here.

    According to WebMD Good Posture During Pregnancy , "Lying on your stomach during pregnancy is not likely to be very comfortable. More importantly, lying on your stomach should be avoided because it can put added pressure on the fetus and reduce blood flow."

    I was always told to try sleeping on my left side as much as possible by my OB for the best blood flow to the LO and myself. It definitely didn't happen every night, but I found a wedging method of a 100 pillows worked well for me. I wish you all lots of good, healthy nights of rest! :-D
    Best Wishes! Amelia
    wmatto83 responded:
    Also ladies if you find this get it!! My DH got me it for Christmas. I think he looked on amazon and looked at all consumer reports (I know weird) and this is the best one. It is called a snoogle. ANd it is a "C" shaped body pillow that contours to your body I was not sleeping well before this now I do sleep much better.
    ME (27) DH (38) Two Fury Friends (both 4) EDD 6/17/2011!!
    osamuel08 replied to wmatto83's response:
    Ditto I have a snoogle and they are great. I think I bought mine at BRU because I noticed they sell the cover there. But it was five years ago so who knows!
    Jen (34) DH (34) DS (5) DS (2) Blue Team 4/7/11

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