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Anyone feel like everything is going to fall out of your vagina? LOL
An_217118 posted:
I don't know if something is weird, but does anyone feel like heaviness or pressure or something in their vagina?

I can't explain, it's usually after a long day on my feet, or from shopping, sometimes after sex... the vagina feels sore, pressure or heaviness, and feels like inside. If anyone had a baby already it just kind of feels like after I gave birth to my 1st child, when you come home and you almost feel like your guts are going to come out only out of your vagina (hahaha sooo sorry for too much TMI-and if this is your 1st pregnancy, don't worry, it's not THAT bad :) hehehe.

I mentioned it to my OB but I think I under played it and he said it's probably just the baby starting to put pressure... but I seriously just can't remember if I felt like that with my last pregnancy...

Anyone feel like that or even understand what I'm trying to say??? Thanks for your help.
An_217119 responded:
I experienced the exact same thing! I also am on my second pregnancy and after I had my first I called my doctor freaking out because I felt something there and when I got a mirror and took a look, I thought my innards were going to fall out! The doctor on call told me it was probably a prolapse, that it was normal, and that I should really work on the kegels. Within a couple of months it got much better although it never totally went away.

A few weeks into this second pregnancy, I started to have the same thing but much more pronounced. I went in to see my doctor about it and she wasn't at all concerned. She said it wasn't so much a prolapse but that the neck of my cervix had elongated from the first delivery and because of my growing uterus it was getting pushed into the vaginal area. Because I have a tilted uterus, she predicted that when my uterus flipped into it's proper position, I would no longer feel anything in my vagina (or at least I would feel less pressure). Sure enough, last week (my 13th week) I just noticed one day that I no longer felt anything!

I've realized that with this pregnancy there are things that are different because my body has already been put through another pregnancy and my lifestyle is just different. Just a few weeks ago I was telling my husband that I didn't remember having been this tired in my first pregnancy and he pointed out to me that I probably was, but I didn't have a 3 year old to keep up with in my first pregnancy! I had the luxury of coming from work, telling him he was on his own for dinner and going to bed!

My guess would be that you have a bit of a prolapse, an elongated cervix, or just like your doctor said, some pressure from your uterus. If you're not cramping or bleeding, it's probably fine and maybe you can just bring it up again at your next appointment. Then again, if it's causing you stress or worry, maybe you can call your doctor's office.

Best of luck to you! I'm 14 weeks and I've just made the switch to the 2nd Trimester board!
melissah210 responded:
I usually feel like my vajayjay is splitting.. Usually how I like to describe it as 2 bulldozers playing tug of war with my vajayjay. When these moments i just want to hold my vajjayjay and put an ice pack on it.

Lately its been feeling normal. THANK GOD
An_217120 replied to melissah210's response:
LOL, well girls, I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one! :) thanks.

I really hope it's not prolapse because I feel like I'm waaay too young!!

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