Sex during pregnancy
An_217123 posted:
Are there any sexual positions detrimental to a pregnant mother or fetus during the third trimester? My Fiance is expierncing severe abdominal cramps. She is in the first week of her third trimester. We are worried that she may be having a miscarriage. Could this have been brought on by our sexual activity?
reb_hun responded:
you should probably go to the er just to make sure it's not premature labor. they will tell you what's going on and what you can and can't do. i hope she's ok, good luck!
cacacarole responded:
When I was pregnant with my first son, I worried about the same thing. Afterwards I would feel like what I would call contractions, so I asked my OB about it. She said it was perfectly normal.

I would not hesistate to call the doctor, though, if I were concerned about something!
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jedmonds12 replied to cacacarole's response:
A woman's uterus does contract after she has an orgasm. My belly is always firm after my fiance and I have sex because of that. However, there shouldn't be lots of pain, or multiple contractions. Have her talk to her OB, and maybe try switching positions so the penetration isn't as deep just in case it's her cervix that's causing her the pain.
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Amelia_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi Anon_138520,

How is your fiance doing now? Did you see or call her doctor? As the other posters did mention, contractions are normal during intercourse and an orgasm, but she should contact a doctor if there is severe pain.

Read WebMD Sex During Pregnancy for more insight on being safely intimate while pregnant. Please let know how you are both doing. Take care!
Best Wishes! Amelia