A Chance to Win Free Cord Blood Banking
maryjade2008 posted:
I've seen a previous interest in this, so I figured I'd pass along the information, I know as a student (a.k.a. Broke) mom/soon-to-be mom (again) I appreciated the link. It's my understanding that to qualify for the public banking, one of the qualifications is no tattoos, so I was thrilled to hear about this.

Me(23), DH(25), DS(6), DD(2), EDD 06/11/11 ~ Pink Team
joycek7 responded:
Hi Maryjade,
Here are some links to a cord blood ban k that doesn't have yearly fees and the payment can be paid out over time. IN addition, if people want to give the gift of cord blood banking you can find information here that includes a gift registry,( just like at Babies r us!) so people can help you pay for this very important insurance for your baby.
If you want to look at a comparison heres a link to that information as well.
Good luck to you
maryjade2008 replied to joycek7's response:
Thank you so much, I was so worried that I wasn't going to be able to afford it & lets face it, the chances of winning aren't great. Anyway, thank you so very much!
Me(23), DH(25), DS(6), DD(2), EDD 06/11/11 ~ Pink Team
luvmyboyss responded:
We are looking into banking and there are tons of coupons available. I found coupon 'MOOLA' which saves $250 at CBR. There are coupons for almost all cord banks. Also, CBR offers a 6 month, interest free payment plan AND you dont pay anything until you bank, so no cancellations fees. We are leaning toward CBR. I hope this helps!