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Maddyroni posted:
Well I am 23 weeks along and having a very difficult time with this baby, our first child I was very energetic and happy and all the good stuff. This time around I am very emotional, no patience, and have a bad attitude about every little thing. I heard this is normal but I don't feel it is normal please help me with any suggestions you may have for me thanks!!!!
reb_hun responded:
i know exactly what you mean, i'm going through the same thing. i get sad over little things too. :( i would say to schedule some alone time because any little bit helps. :) i'm open to suggestions too :) :) :)
Rubysrred responded:
I hear ya! I am 23 weeks also and I get emotional about a lot of things I shouldn't. I have learned that taking time for myself helps because you get overwhelmed with everything going on in your body! I have 2 boys and I have to make myself take me time or I would never get it! Good luck!!
JenJ325 responded:
I know what youre going through.. I feel like dr jekyl and mr hyde..or mrs hyde lol. I am normally very calm and good natured and with this pregnancy.. I have these awful mood swings. I can be fine one minute, then the next, completely pissed over the smallest things. And you dont feel "normal" at all. And I dont know about you, but the more I become impatient and moody and emotional, the more frusterated I become with myself which seems to amplify all of those negative feelings and reactions. A couple things that help me is taking a time out and just spending some time alone, whether its a hot bath or trip to the store, just whatever. And another thing is just venting to my boyfriend or my mom. The other night I was so worked up (over who knows what) and I just went out and sat down with my bf and layed it all down for him and told him exactly what Ive been feeling and my frusteration with myself for being so moody and impatient(accompanied with a ton of crying) and I immediately felt better. It is all normal.. even though its extremely hard when you dont even feel like yourself. I try very hard not to take my feelings out on anyone and esp my bf since hes amazing and has been so supportive through my crazy emotional crying and mood swings.. so I wouldnt say anything to anyone about how I was feeling.. That left my bf thinking that I was mad at him for like a week and constantly asking me if I was okay or upset or if he did anything.. So when I finally just sat down and told him that I was feeling overwhelmed, these mood swings are really taking a toll on me, I didnt feel like myself, and I was frusterated that I have been having such a tough time handling everyday situations and that I was frusterated that I have been so impatient with situations I normally would brush off and move on with the day and my irrational behavior... It was a complete relief. So sorry this got soo long (I just know how hard it is and how crappy you feel) but I would def suggest just letting it all out, talking or venting to someone even if you feel like they may not understand.. It helped me and hopefully it will help you. I also heard that excerise helps.. Maybe when you start feeling bad just take a walk or go to the gym..
Maddyroni replied to JenJ325's response:
Thanks everyone all ideas help!

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