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It's a Girl! Exactly what I wanted but I'm sad...
Supergurl17 posted:
So I'm having exactly what I always wanted but I'm sad about it, my boyfriend really wanted a boy but I didn't realize just how badly he wanted it. Then yesterday I went shopping and saw a whole bunch of boy clothes one in particular that really hit me it said "Daddy's Best Friend" on it and all of a sudden I wanted a boy, and when we went to our appointment I was hoping it was a boy. So when they said it was a girl I found my self slightly sad and when I saw how dissappointed my bf looked I was even more sad. Hopefully we will both adjust and be happy cause hey, I got exactly what I wanted right.
ashandchad responded:
I havent found out what I'm having yet but my husband really wants a boy! I want a girl. I know he will also be disappointed if we find out it's a girl. One of our friends told us something that really hit home yesterday. She said you will love what you get when it gets here and will not be able to imagine your lives without him or her. I think thats soo true. I think you will both adjust and when she arrives feel really blessed that you have her. :) How far along are you? I was just wondering because I really want to find out soon and am just curious to know how far you are.
MrsPiper responded:
My husband is crazy. We have 4 boys and he is adamant that this one is also a boy. He has no desire to raise a girl, at all. We haven't found out yet, and I wonder how he would handle the news if we found out it's a girl. I have told him many times that little girls LOVE their daddies. He would be her hero! I know because I was raised by my dad, and we have a really special relationship, but he just doesn't see it that way. Hopefully your bf will get more and more excited as the pregnancy continues, and like ashandchad said, once you see that little person, you can't imagine your life without them. :)
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volley17 responded:
My husband wanted a boy to when I was pregnant with DD. But after we found out it was a girl he started to cope with it and when she was born and he held her in his arms for the first time he started crying. Then as she has been "growing up" (she is only 21 months right now) he has loved every minute of having a baby girl. He is COMPLETELY wrapped around her finger and when she was about 11 months old he said "I am so glad we had a girl" I said "why" and he said "because I don't think I would be as good of a father to a boy because I don't know that I would kiss and hug a boy as much as I do my little girl. I love how she wants to play and wrestle but then come and hug and snuggle." Now that I am pregnant with the twins he said he would like at least 1 boy but he wants 1 boy and 1 girl and if he can't have that he wants 2 girls. So I guess what I am trying to say is you will find so many "I love daddy and I have daddy wrapped around my finger" shirts that he will love having daddy's little girl. I watch my husband play with my daughter and I still can't believe how amazing of a father he is to her. Everything will change when he sees her. Don't worry about it and enjoy your pregnancy.
An_217150 responded:
We didn't find out what we were having with our first. My husband spent 6 months talking about a boy and then all of a sudden one day he said, "You know, a girl would be pretty cool." Somewhere out and about he'd seen a man with his baby girl and was just touched by the tenderness between the two. Thank goodness, he had this change of heart because out came a little girl! And just like others have mentioned, he is completely in love with his daughter and I'm so moved when I witness their special Daddy/Daughter moments. Now that we're expecting our second, I've agreed to find out what we're having in a week and half when we have our ultrasound, and he says he'd be thrilled to have another girl!

Nothing new to hear, but when your baby girl comes into this world, he will instantly forget any disappointment he might have felt. He will just instantly fall in love! Congratulations on your baby girl! = )
sheena311 responded:
When i was pregnant with my DD my bf wanted a boy and was sad too. From the first day since he layed eyes on her, she stole his heart. So dont worry he'll be excited when he see her.
Supergurl17 replied to ashandchad's response:
I am 19 weeks. I keep telling him he is going to love having a girl every one always says that the girls attach to the dad but he's having a hard time seeing it. Over the last week he has come around a little he even went and bought her her first pair of shoes :) I am happy with a boy or a girl I have just been so down seeing how disappointed he is.
Supergurl17 responded:
Thank you everyone for your responses, I think he'll come around and I'm starting to feel better, I just can't wait for her to get here now so it will really set in with him :)
BeautifullyBlessed replied to Supergurl17's response:
Hi Supergurl17,

Congratulations! Little girls are so precious! If you always wanted a girl...don't let anyone take away your joy. I know we want our husbands to be just as happy and we don't like to see them disappointed, but you don't have to make his disappointment your own.

If you're happy! Your husband will definitely come around. Pray for him.

God bless!
Supergurl17 responded:
Well good news he has begun to come around already, I mentioned before that he bought her some shoes, which he now wants to hang from his rear view mirror to let everyone know he has a little girl. In addition he has started thinking of girl names, bought her a snow suit, a dress and organized her closet. He told me last night he has a plan to make her a custom hoodie sweat shirt that matches him so I think he is grasping the fun he'll have now :)
Amelia_WebMD_Staff replied to Supergurl17's response:
Yay!!!! So happy to hear that he has come around. I dealt with the same thing as you and many of the pp. Soon enough you will have a daddy's girl on your hands. Congratulations! :-D
Best Wishes! Amelia

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