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Sick and tired of being constipated
rangerchick posted:
I have been constipated from day one of this pregnancy. I go when ever I have the urge, I try not to strain, I ate prunes, stool softeners, extra fiber, lots of fruit but still constipated! I need to take additional calcium and iron which has only made the problem worse. I even had hemorrhoids already once this pregnancy (over Thanksgiving so I was extra miserable). I think I will be finally calling my dr on Monday and specifically asking what to do because I can go a little each day but never get done and I know it is just going to get worse. I never had this problem with DS so this is really frustrating.
BeautifullyBlessed responded:

They have the prenatal vitamins with a stool softener called PreNexa (I think). So, ask your Dr. about it when you go.
maryjade2008 responded:
I know this solution is a home remedy; and therefore, isn't for everyone... But anything spicy like chile works well. Red or green, it doesn't matter, usually the hotter the better. I also want to mention it isn't always the most pleasant way to get things moving, because it can burn coming out too (I know TMI) but that's worth mentioning.
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rangerchick responded:
I have thought about what foods could help me go and the only thing prepregnancy I can think of is a Dr. Pepper but caffeine is out for me. Spicy foods don't work because I eat a lot of them anyways, I have actually been adding more and more hot sauce to my foods and I mean the really hot chili sauces you find at Chinese restaurants.

I am going to try a bowl of grapenuts twice a day and see how that works. It has high iron as well as tons of fiber so something will have to give in my system. I just keep having this feeling that if I can just get it all out I can start 'fresh' again and keep it up. The only good thing is usually right before labor everything loosens up so I can take this as a sign of everything being as it should be.
Alleeson replied to rangerchick's response:
How about some prunes or dried apricots? They always seem to do the trick for me :-) And lots and lots of water...drown your opponent!
Me (31) DH (36) DD (2) Due June 27th
MAllen81 responded:
I feel your pain. I've had constipation with all my pregnancies. It was pretty bad in the beginning this time and I couldn't get anything to work. I tried fiber bars and those just made me crazy bloated!

What works for me is taking 2 Colace in the morning, eating Raisin Bran about 3-4 times a week for breakfast. I take sandwiches to lunch the 2 days I work and I've switched to Pepperidge Farms 100% whole wheat. I also eat Activia yogurt 3-4 times a week. Good luck!
DS 4, DS 2, Due Date 6/5/11 with DS 3!
hisxforeverx61408 responded:
I have read all the other ladies' posts & everything they are saying I have tried too with no results.. have you tried milk of magnesia? it did the trick for me.
Amelia_WebMD_Staff responded:
I experienced the same thing when I was pregnant and hope that your doctor had some good advice for you today! I know it is not fun. :(

Here is the WebMD Constipation Treatment Overview to give you some more ideas to treating this condition. Please let us know if your doctor has any other words of wisdom and how you are doing! Take care! :)
Best Wishes! Amelia
rangerchick responded:
I had thought I was doing good and then had such a busy day I could not get to the bathroom and never had a chance to call the dr until really late so still really constipated and seems like hemorrhoids are coming back. :( I will have to try to call the dr tomorrow to see what they recommend because colase is not working.
ski2184 responded:
I can completely relate! I know we can't have a lot of caffeine, but a half a cup of coffee always works for me.

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