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Gestational Diabetes
Alleeson posted:
Hey ladies...only have a few more days on this board, but I figured I'd ask here first!

I had my Glucose test on Friday. They also did a CBC draw and HIV. I got a call from the nurse today, but missed it and got home too late to call back, so I'm assuming it has something to do with one of them.

I'm hoping my iron is just low since that will be soooo much easier to treat, but if it is my sugar test, does anyone know what to expect?

I'm just a little concerned because my food repertoire is so limited and I'm just worried I'm not going to be able to eat some of my staple foods! What kind of dietary changes should I expect?

Me (31) DH (37) DD (2) Due June 27th
An_217194 responded:
If you did the one hour glucose test and your results are high, they're going to have you do another one, but it's a 3 hour test. You'll drink the same stuff and have your blood drawn hourly. If that's still high, then your doctor will determine whether all you need to do is change your diet or get a prescription of some sort.

My last pregnancy, I had to do the 3 hour, but then was fine and needed nothing else. I'll be doing my glucose next week and I'm dreading having to do the 3 hour...

Hopefully they just called to say everything was fine! Good luck!
Alleeson replied to An_217194's response:
Thanks for your reply. . .
I did fail the 1 hour - cutoff was 139 and mine was 150.
I have the 3 hour tomorrow - woohoo. . .

I'm hoping it comes out fine, but I guess the worst is I'll just have to watch what I eat. . .
Me (31) DH (37) DD (2) Due June 27th
cl1234 replied to Alleeson's response:
How did the test go?
Alleeson replied to cl1234's response:
No results yet...prob sometime next week.

I didn't feel yucky at the end which worries me a tad. . .I thought I'd feel dizzy/queasy, but felt ok. . .

I'll update when I find out!
Me (31) DH (37) DD (2) Due June 27th
An_217195 replied to Alleeson's response:
I felt fine at the end of the 3 hour (in my 1st pregnancy) too and my results were good. So hopefully that's not an indicator. My fingers are crossed for you!

I have to go this week for my 1 hour so I'm trying really hard to eat healthy for a few days before I go in--I do not want another 3 hour!
Alleeson replied to An_217195's response:
Verdict is in. . . .I have GD. . . .I have to go to a class next Tuesday and I have to test my blood sugar and call it in every day.

I'm just worried about eating - I"m such a picky eater!
Oh well. . .

Thanks for all of your input. . .
Me (31) DH (37) DD (2) Due June 27th
Amelia_WebMD_Staff replied to Alleeson's response:

I'm sorry to hear about your results, but you will make it through this, I know! :)

I tried to post some tips on diet the other day for you, but somewhere my post was lost. Here is some more information for you to check out:

WebMD Gestational Diabetes: Counting Carbs

WebMD Gestational Diabetes: Frequently Asked Questions

WebMD Pregnancy and Gestational Diabetes

I hope that some of this helps to answer a few of your concerns and make things a bit easier to understand. Please keep us posted and enjoy your wonderful family! :)
Life is tough enough without having someone kick you from the inside. ~Rita Rudner
An_217196 replied to Alleeson's response:
I'm sure it will be fine. You'll be surprised at how much you can eat.

I went this morning for my 1 hour test so I hope that's the end of it for me... Like I mentioned before, I had to do the 3 hour with my last pregnancy and I really don't want to do it again. It was all I could do to not throw up and keep that gross drink down!
Alleeson replied to An_217196's response:
Thanks for the info Amelia! I'm meeting with the dietician next week, so I'm sure I'll feel tons better about it. In the mean time my mom is Type II and has been helping me at least get started until they tell me otherwise!
I'm looking at this as a blessing in disguise!

Anon - thanks for all of your input - I hope you passed your 1 hour!! Good luck!!
Me (31) DH (37) DD (2) Due June 27th
crkreynolds responded:
I have my one-hour glucose test next month and am wondering if I "fail" that one, how soon after do I take the three-hour test? I'm trying to plan my work schedule accordingly and didn't know if you took the second one days after the first or if you could wait two weeks
lenono97 replied to crkreynolds's response:
Every clinic is probably different. At the clinic I went to with my first pregnancy, they had you stay and do the 3 hour right away. I think the PP said she went back the next day. I am sure they would want you to do it pretty soon after the first test, in case you truly have GD. Honestly, I wouldn't worry. I don't know the statistics, but I don't think most women have to worry about GD.
Alleeson replied to crkreynolds's response:
The nurse called me about a week after my 1 hour and told me to the 3 hour ASAP. I scheduled it for the next day, but my doctor's office sends you to a lab, not in the office.
Me (31) DH (37) DD (2) Due June 27th

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