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Fluticasone nasal spray???
An_217219 posted:
I had a really bad cold with what looked like a probable sinus infection and couldn't breathe with my nose. Unthinkably I used some Fluticasone nasal spray twice and then I realized that I shouldn't have done that!!! Do any of you know if it's dangerous to the baby? I'm 25 weeks pregnant.
earleyml1012 responded:
I don't think one dose will do any harm. If you are still having your nasal issue, use a Netti Pot. They are completely safe during pregnancy. Hope you feel better.
An_217220 responded:
I am no health expert, but my doctor prescribed it to me and was ok with it through my entire pregnancy. They even gave it to me in the hospital when I was laboring. You can check with your own doctor, but every health professional I had approved it. My son seems fine now.
kell0613 responded:
I've never heard of that brand specifically, but my Doc gave me a list of "safe" meds that I can take thru pregnancy, and Afrin brand nasal spray was a-ok. Plus, one dose isn't likely to hurt. I'd definately ask the Doc before using it again though.
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Wyndonna responded:
Fluticasone is the generic for Flonase. I have read that there aren't any real conclusive studies on the drug during pregnancy but they did find it to have crossed the placenta in animal trials. They say that it should only really be used if the benefit of it outweighs the potential side effects to the fetus. Personally I wouldn't make a habit of using it regularly but I would say that having used it twice should not have really done any damage. Of course only the doctor can tell you for sure =)

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