Happy Graduation to Ashley & Mandy!
Byroney_WebMD_Staff posted:

8/11/11 - Ashley (ashandchad) - Pink Team
8/14/11 - Mandy (mandyhall29) - Pink Team

Thank you for sharing your second trimester with us! We wish you the best as you enter your third and Final Trimester!

Good luck ladies, and feel free to lurk (and post!) here any time.


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ashandchad responded:
Thanks! Im getting super excited now. Time is really flying by. Baby shower in a few weeks and then before I know it Hadley will be here!!!
Andie_WebMD_Staff replied to ashandchad's response:
How exciting that you're already going into your Third Trimester , Ashley & Mandy!!

I'm Andie , the Mod over on 3rd Tri. I'll be watching out for you over there so c'mon over and say hello.

You might like to add yourself to our weekly List , And be sure to jump in on our Friday Five's: Do you...? where we get to know each other a little better!

See you there!!