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horrible spider veins
5ylver posted:
When I was pregnant with DD#1 I got horrible spider veins behind my knees. Not a lot on my left but my right leg it's literally solid purple/green all at the back of my knee. Now it's gotten a little more. They lightened after having DD#1 and now they are darker than before! I looks like a huge bruise at the back of my knee bigger than a softball, they are all cluttered in that one area! Is this dangerous? they aren't bothering me, other than looking at them. They don't hurt or anything I'm just worried why they are so dark. A while back a girl at work had a spider vein that just popped, causing her to scream in pain and bleed. She had to be taken to the hospital. Now I'm a little scared. How can I get rid of these things?
5ylver responded:
I'm sorry, I was doing some research and learned they are not spider veins, they are varicose veins.
Allaya9 replied to 5ylver's response:
Ouch, so sorry your experiencing varicose veins, an unfortunate side effect of pregnancy. Support hose help those and walking every hour or so, but in the middle of summer support hose can make it even hotter. Other than that there is not much to be done for those, glad they aren't hurting, my mom had painful varicose veins on her right leg.
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TWalker02840 responded:
I actually have Varicose Veins Very bad in my Right leg, its genetic. I was told by both my OB & my PCP that can't shouldn't get them operated on til after i know im done having children. Spider Veins are the small squiggly one and the varicose are big, wide, bulging ones. My OB told me not to wear the hose during the summer due to pregnancy fluid retention and hot weather fluid retention it can make change your BP, cause dizzyness ect. Mine are pretty severe. Its just a good excuse to elevate your feet above your heart for 15 minutes after being on your feet for 4 or more hours. I hope this helps.
rikkymeirs responded:
Unfortunately, I'm not a doctor... I can't give you scientific answer..
This article about Painful Varicose Veins may help you anything...
Good luck!

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