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Is phenylalanine safe?
Brommer0930 posted:
I have been told that phenylalanine is safe to have while pregnant? It is found in alot of diet pop. I would like to consure less calories with the fluids I am drinking, but a friend told me that I should not drink diet pop as well as the flavoring that you add to water. Has anyone else heard of this?
sweets1988 responded:
i would agree with her. phenylalanine, aspartame, asperphlame (or how ever you spell it) are HORRIBLE for everyone, let alone a pregnant woman. they are all bi products of really nasty chemicals that they cant find anything else to do with. albeit it does help diabetics, but still even then its not good for the body in any other way. aspartame has been linked to so many sicknesses and health issues its not even funny. my grandfather lost nearly all his memory because of all the diet soda he was drinking. once my gran took him off it, not 2 months later he was back to almost normal. every doctor i have ever seen has flat told me, if you are not diabetic, don't use anything like that. and my prenatal Dr.s strongly say not to go for any of it in your diet cus it can do just as many things to your baby, if not more, then you your own body. sorry for the semi rant but that gunk is horrible and i would hate for something bad to happen because of it. i would suggest just water or plain ice tea. sugar in small amounts wont hurt. i myself hate that i had to cut most sodas from my diet but its for the best. there is also some all natural sodas that have lower sugar or natural cane sugars that taste great. they are like carbonated fruit juices. hope it helped.
ReneeSP replied to sweets1988's response:
I agree and share PP's pasion to hate the stuff. Sorry to say, but all soda is junk and should be avoided, particularly diet soda. I've read a lot about how the fake chemical sugars are not good for baby and personally wouldn't drink them while pregnant for sure. The flavor packets for water (crystal light etc.) contain the same artificial sweeteners. Truvia is supposed to be a natural one, but I don't know that for sure, just how they advertise it. I'd check into something like that to sweeten tea if you like tea (just watch your caffeine intake, of course) or stick to water and natural fruit juices. The dyes in many drinks are also really bad for you and should be avoided. A little natural sugar is just better for you than all the chemical yuck
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aly192527 responded:
Yes, I heard no diet soda also. If I don't feel well and don't think I could stomach water, I'll have one of those "natural" sodas. Otherwise I drink a little juice with breakfast and water the rest of the day. I try to stay away from all soda and caffeine in general. I don't remember who told me no diet sodas, but whether it was a doctor or something I read, it was a reliable enough source that I haven't had diet soda since I found out I was pregnant.
Anmar22 responded:
I was wondering the same thing this weekend, I only like to eat yoplait light yogurt, not for diet purposes I just think it tastes better than the regular. I was concerned because it has natural sweeteners in it so I looked online and it said it was safe if taken in moderation.
vanessagw23 responded:
I am also going to agree here, any of these artificial sweeteners are not good for anyone and especially not for preggos. Research has shownt theses to cause cancers in animal studies. Water is your best bet during pregnancy, and really at all points in life. I get it though, sometimes you just need a drink with some flavor, get some organic juice or non-caffeinated herbal teas that you can sweeten with honey :)
lbean1975 responded:
Brommer0930 I agree with the others, stay away from that stuff!! Aspartame is in the same category as phenylalanine, NO GOOD written all over it! Lots of research studies done try goggling it.
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