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Tired of waiting for the big ultrasound! rawr!
sweets1988 posted:
just cant wait for the 5th! its the big U/S and although i only pray for a healthy baby, i also hope for a boy. I also have a worry to see if its twins! because im much bigger then i would think i should be, and there is LOTS of movement going on in there! in 20 weeks now, & my daughter wasnt this strong til about 25-30 weeks! but it seems like time is molasses in January, and even more slowly as we get closer! anyone else feeling like time is going so slow?
Team yellow/green til July 5th! cant wait ^_^
charissahill responded:
omg im on the same page. time is going by soooo slow. i look at the pregnancy calendar almost everyday and it just makes it go by slower. i cant wait to hold my baby boy in my hands. im so exited. i hope you get your baby boy.
ME (20) DH (26). Expecting our DS 11/26/11. Its a Boy! (-;
sweets1988 replied to charissahill's response:
hehe thank you hun. I do the same, look at my calendar every day wishing time would go faster. I just wish i had more people to talk to lol not everyone like to chat it up around here lol. anyway! good luck to you too!
Team yellow/green til July 5th! cant wait ^_^
missashley1010 responded:
I feel like time is very slow when you want something so badly. When I was waiting for my big ultrasound it took forever to get here but then when i was dreading my GB testing it came right away. But tomorrow is the 5th yay!!!! you will have to let us know what team your on hope you join me on team blue good luck tomorrow. oh and happy 4th!!!!
deedabooty responded:
I absolutely agree too!! I am waiting for August 5th to find out what my baby is and I feel like this whole year has flown by but now that im counting down days... I am going crazy!!! ha ha ha
JennLoney replied to deedabooty's response:
I am so excited also, I am awaiting August 8th so we can hopefully find out what we are having!!!!!! Good luck!
htma4494 responded:
Hey I feel you, Im 23 weeks, will be 24 wks next week and my BIG U/S is on July 12th, I CAN NOT WAIT! This has been a long 6 wk wait!
sweets1988 replied to htma4494's response:
well i got a big ole bummer! baby hid the privet parts and a good picture of the heart, by ultrasound. guess baby was laying on his tummy way down low so the poor tech guy couldnt see anything, even after nearly 45 mins. guess next month we get another go, because he wants a good look at the heart. still a let down, even though my daughter did the same thing! lol
Team yellow/green til July 5th! cant wait ^_^
YeagerV responded:
I am waiting too. Ours is July 14th and I cant Wait!
ReneeSP replied to YeagerV's response:
Oh what a bummer!! I hope you get to see it next time! I just had mine and found out its a boy. I reaaaally wanted a boy too, and although I'm just happy to get a baby at all, I admit I actually got nervous while laying there waiting for the u/s tech to find out. I suddenly panicked over the possibility of having a girl but I got my boy! Couldn't be happier. And, he hid his at first too, had his legs crossed right over it with a big X. I drank a smigen of caffiene before I went so he'd be active... a little trick a mom told me... and it seemed to work because he was wiggling around.
Renee (29), DH (31); 1st pregnancy after infertility - EDD 11/30/11

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