pelvic pressure?
texasmommy0811 posted:
Good evening ladies, Happy 4th of July to everyone!!! i had a question, this is my 2nd pregnancy and I dont remember having these feelings with my son. I am having pelvic pressure that goes and comes. I am 16 weeks along. I had such a easy pregnancy with my son that all these symptoms I am experiencing are new to me. Are these pressure feelings normal? Please let me know what you ladies think? thanks in advance!!!!
sweets1988 responded:
yeah this is my second pregnancy too, and my Dr. told me that its because our bodies have already grown like this before. we tend to grow faster and it can put more pressure on ligaments and muscles. if its pure pressure, maybe your carrying differently then last time, perhaps much lower down then before? i've had several odd pains and pressure spots but they do away if i change position of stretch a bit. all she told me to help with the tightness is tummy massage and drink lotsa water. good luck, hope it helps!
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